The Ideal solution for 3A-Certified Manufacturing Facilities: QUANTM 3A EODD Pumps. Lightweight. Small Footprint. Sustainable.

Posted on by Sara Springer

Introducing an EODD Pump with a lot of bang for your buck: GRACO’s QUANTM 3A electric operated double diaphragm pump. This EODD pump is lightweight, has a small footprint and reduces energy costs that appeal to operations focused on sustainability and need 3A-certified equipment in their manufacturing facilities.  

Specifically, the QUANTM SANITARY 3A EODD is designed to perform dairy, yogurt, cottage cheese and ice cream ingredient transfer applications requiring 3A certification.  With powerful new FluxCore motors and drives that deliver up to 8x more continuous torque at low speeds than conventional motors delivering flow rates up to 150 gpm (568 lpm) and pressure up to 100 psi (6.9 bar), these pumps are ideal for upgrading your less efficient existing air operated air-operated pumps. They provide the same great self-priming, stalling, seal-less design with smooth steady flow that is a must-have for in-process applications, filling systems and sanitary/hygienic applicator applications. Plus, the fast and easy plug-and-play installation and reduced footprint with the removal of the gearbox allow you to easily replace existing pumps without additional investment or infrastructure rework compared to other pump technologies. 

  • Up to 80% more efficient than AODD, 50% more efficient compared to competitive electric technologies—displacing fossil fuel, hydraulics, and air power 
  • Operates at much lower RPM than competitive electric pump technology, increasing torque and power density while minimizing size and resistance losses
  • Designed for CIP applications with DIN or Tri-clamp fluid connections
  • Quick knockdown fluid sections 
  • Protected center, FEP coating, optional leak sensors 
  • Integrated control of pump with the turn of a dial–operates like the AODD you are used to, and wash-down rated Modular fluid components allow you to create a pump configuration that matches your fluid handling needs–seats, check balls, diaphragms, and fluid sections interchange with AODD components 
  • Removes common issues associated with rotary shaft seals and handles abrasive material 
  • Over molded diaphragm plates
  • Designed with PTFE on the fluid side and EPDM on the air side
  • Does not contain crevices that can harbor bacteria
  • Bolt-through diaphragm options are also available
  • The only electric diaphragm pump on the market that stalls under pressure, eliminating the need for pressure sensors and additional controllers and reducing downtime by preventing pump failures caused by clogged lines or closed valves.

Give your facility an upgrade with GRACO’s QUANTM 3A EODD Pump. For more information or to receive a quote, contact SPRINGER PUMPS ® today. 

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