A Changing of the Guard: FLUX Pumps Phases out F550 & F560 Pumps for VISCOPOWER Series

Posted on by Sara Springer

FLUX Pumps is eliminating some of their existing product line this year thanks to their latest innovation, the VISCOPOWER Progressive Cavity Series Pumps. Specifically, the F550 Industrial and F560 Sanitary Series Pumps will be phased out as their inventory is depleted.  

What does this mean for anyone who owns one of these models of FLUX Pumps? Rest assured; you are not up the creek without a paddle. FLUX Pumps has promised to continue stocking replacement parts for at least the next ten years. Thanks FLUX.  

With that said, FLUX wants you to check out their latest, improved VISCOPOWER Pumps that beat the pants off the F550 Industrial & F560 Sanitary Pumps. They have 2 great videos that compares these pumps which you can access here: 

We have also included the FLUX VISCOPOWER Pumps brochure for additional reference to the benefits of this advanced pump line: 



There’s plenty of time to grab the spare parts you need for your FLUX F550 Industrial or F560 Sanitary Pumps. Give us a call or order online at SPRINGERPUMPS.com. 

For more information on FLUX’s improved VISCOPOWER Progressive Cavity Pumps contact SPRINGER Pumps today. 

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