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A Changing of the Guard: FLUX Pumps Phases out F550 & F560 Pumps for VISCOPOWER Series

Posted on by Sara Springer

FLUX Pumps is eliminating some of their existing product line this year thanks to their latest innovation, the VISCOPOWER Progressive Cavity Series Pumps. Specifically, the F550 Industrial and F560 Sanitary Series Pumps will be phased out as their inventory is depleted.  

What does this mean for anyone who owns one of these models of FLUX Pumps? Rest assured; you are not up the creek without a paddle. FLUX Pumps has promised to continue stocking replacement parts for at least the next ten years. Thanks FLUX.  

With that said, FLUX wants you to check out their latest, improved VISCOPOWER Pumps that beat the pants off the F550 Industrial & F560 Sanitary Pumps. They have 2 great videos that compares these pumps which you can access here: 

We have also included the FLUX VISCOPOWER Pumps brochure for additional reference to the benefits of this advanced pump line: 



There’s plenty of time to grab the spare parts you need for your FLUX F550 Industrial or F560 Sanitary Pumps. Give us a call or order online at 

For more information on FLUX’s improved VISCOPOWER Progressive Cavity Pumps contact SPRINGER Pumps today. 

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Flux Pumps Rises to the Challenge of the Chemical Industry

Posted on by Sara Springer

One of the most challenging industries to provide product for is Chemical Applications.  Each material requires very specific safety standards and FLUX® Pumps has a solution for every kind. Strictly following these requirements, FLUX® Pumps continues to bring innovative products to the chemical industry while staying on the forefront of current safety protocols and regulations.

Users can confidently transfer, fill, and meter almost any liquid with accuracy and safety with a FLUX® Pump.  With experience in pumping acids, alkalis, explosive and corrosive solvents, Flux® can provide the specialty equipment you need or create a customized solution for any demanding application.

Examples of Liquids FLUX® Pumps can process:

·         Acids & Alkalis ·         Demineralized Water ·         Oil-Containing Solutions
·         Adhesives ·         Dispersions ·         Perchlorethylene
·         Ammonia ·         Emulsifiers ·         Photo Chemicals
·         Azide Chemistry ·         Firemen Foam ·         Plastic Foam
·         Brake Fluids ·         Formic Acid ·         Silicone Paste
·         Caustic ·         Greases ·         Solvents
·         Cleaning Supplies ·         Nitric Acid ·         Sulfuric Acid


The range of applications for Flux® Pumps is endless.  Examples of these applications include:

  • Precision metering of mineral oils from IBC’s
  • Formic Acid transfer from totes
  • Metering of disinfectants use to prevent Legionella
  • Manual batching of solvents from drums and totes
  • Batch filling of cleaning agents
  • Topping off electroplating baths with sulphuric acid
  • High Viscosity silicone paste pumping
  • Transfer of silicone oils

It’s safe to say FLUX® Pumps is prepared a ready to find the appropriate pumps and equipment for your next chemical application.  Please reach out to SPRINGER PARTS® for more information about FLUX® Pumps or to request a quote today.

Think Pumps. Think Springer.

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FLUX Pumps for the Cosmetic Sector and Personal Care: Transfer of Peeling Cream for Filling

Posted on by Sara Springer

App CosmeticsIn the world of commodities, every detail is crucial when it comes to a well-groomed appearance. That is why cosmetic products, in particular, are available in every shade. At FLUX, they make sure that the usually costly media are always precisely filled, decanted, and metered.

In order to carefully transfer pastes, gels, Vaseline or high-viscosity cosmetics such as mascara at a constant volume and fill or decant them into a variety of containers, you can rely FLUX pumps, which do exactly what they should and reliably deliver what their customers expect: exceptional filling results and consistent quality.

Application examples:

Exfoliating scrubs Iodine Serum
Alcohols Lanolin Shampoo
Cleaning oil Liquid soap Silicone oil
Concentrates Makeup Toothpaste
Essential oils Mascara Various alcohols
Ethanol Ointments/Creams Various cleaners
Face mask Peeling creme Vaseline
Glycerine Perfume Wax
Hair gel Perfume oils
Hand cream Propylene glycol

Transfer of Peeling Cream for Filling

A wide variety of facial and body peeling creams are to be transferred from drums and mixing containers to the filling process.

Eccentric worm-drive pump F 560 GS
Three-phase motor
For the application designed accessories on request

Application description:
Prior to the use of the FLUX eccentric worm-drive pump, the various facial and body peeling creams were transferred by hand into the supply containers for the filling machines. This proved to not only be time-consuming but also unhygienic. Now the FLUX F 560 GS eccentric worm-drive pump in the gear unit version has taken over this transferring path.

The material is pumped out of drums and mixing containers that are placed alongside the filling systems. Low rotational speeds ensure very gentle pumping. Shearing is very low – as is the case for FLUX eccentric worm-drive pumps in general – and therefore there is no danger that the consistency of the peeling cream will change. The levels of the supply containers are monitored, i.e. the eccentric worm-drive pumps are switched on and off as needed. All in all, the filling process runs much quicker – with significant time savings for the customer.



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FLUX Liquid Saver Drum Pumps: Empty Up to 99.98% from Drums

Posted on by Sara Springer

FLUX F425 Pumps Can Empty Drum and Other Containers of All but 0.05 LitersFLUX F425 Liquid Saver Drum Pumps

Most drum pumps have residual fluid in the tube that drains back into the drum when pumping is done. Not the Liquid Saver Pump from FLUX. Using a unique Flowback Stop Valve on the bottom of the pump tube, the F425 prevents liquids from flowing out of the inlet when pumping is finished. This liquid can then be safely stored within the pump to be drained into the process or placed into the next drum of material. This, as well as all the other standard features, sets FLUX pumps apart from the competition.

Features of FLUX F425:

  • Available in 316 SS or Polypropylene
  • Immersion Lengths of 27, 39, 47 and 60 Inches
  • Simple lever operation of the Flowback Stop Valve prevents fluids from running out of the pump

F425 Liquid Saver

Learn More and Download Brochures and Manuals for FLUX Drum Pumps by Visiting Springer Pumps

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FLUX FOOD Series Pumps Bear The “Glass Fork” Symbol

Posted on by Sara Springer

EU Certified for Contact with Food Products

FLUX Pump with EU Glass Fork SymbolFLUX Pumps have always been food safe, but they now meet the regulation (EU) 10/2011 for plastics that come into contact with food. Compliance with both FDA and European Union regulations means FLUX FOOD Pumps are good for companies with global operations and that these pumps are guaranteed to be food safe.

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VISCOFLUX Mobile: A High Viscosity Drum Emptying System from FLUX Pumps

Posted on by Sara Springer

Stand Alone Mobile System For Easy Drum Emptying

CLICK HERE for a Labeled Detail View of VISCOFLUX MobileThe VISCOFLUX Mobile System consists of a motor, pump and follower plate mounted on a portable, stainless steel frame. The pump is raised and lowered with a battery powered, motorized elevator built into the frame. The system is operated simply by moving the unit over a barrel, lowering the pump until the follower plate makes contact with the fluid and then turning on the pump. VISCOFLUX products are designed to pump even the most viscous fluids like petroleum jelly, peanut butter and fruit purees.

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New FLUX Hand Nozzles in PP, PVDF & Stainless Steel

Posted on by Sara Springer

FLUX Hand Nozzles are Safe and Easy to Use

FLUX Hand NozzlesWith three new FLUX hand nozzles in PP, PVDF and stainless steel you can now deliver varying medias even faster and easier. They feature a new ergonomic lever and an optimized valve for positive shut off and improved safety.


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FLUX Pump Kits: Complete Pump Systems Ready For Operation

Posted on by Sara Springer


Many Options For Many Applications!

FLUX Pump KitDon’t stress about ordering the right parts, coordinating deliveries, proper fit or trial and error assembling.  Each FLUX Pump Kit includes a motor, pump, hose, quick action tap and a compression gland.  They cover a wide range of applications from sanitary to explosion proof and much more! (more…)

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NEW: Sondermann, RM-MS Multistage, Mag Drive Centrifugal Pump

Posted on by Sara Springer

Sondermann Pumps Logo

The RM-MS Pumps Chemicals at High Pressures!

Eliminate the inefficiency of using multiple Single-stage centrifugal pumps.  Instead, for high pressure applications, use the RM-MS multi-stage centrifugal pump.  The RM-MS offers higher delivery rates and works in unfavorable operating areas. (more…)