MDM Receives SBIR Phase II Grant for New Axial Flow Pump Technology

Posted on by Sara Springer


 Multi-Duty Manufacturing (MDM) Innovates with SBIR Grant

Multi-Duty Manufacturing (MDM) successfully completed a Phase I SBIR Grant (Small Business Innovation Research Grant) in 2010 which proved the technological feasibility of their new axial-flow design.  This design can achieve up to 75% efficiency. This led to their approval for The SBIR Phase II Grant to develop a prototype model of the new design.

MDM Moving Foward with Two New Pumps in the Works.MDM Axial Flow Prototype

“The Multi-Duty Manufacturing (MDM) team is not resting on its laurels after introducing the low-cost / high-performance Genesys B73lean product line in 2009,” according to Gene Ashe, President.  “In addition to having another large centrifugal pump tooling-ready, we’re set now to prototype a truly new high efficiency axial flow pump design.

MDM: Lowest Total Cost of Ownership, Reliability and Efficiency for 30 Years

For thirty years, MDM Advance and Sequence® product lines have offered the lowest total cost of ownership in water, waste-water and chemical processing pumps. Contact us to learn more about the axial flow product, in development, the B73lean high volume centrifugal pumps, or the Advance and Sequence® products.

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