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FLUX Liquid Saver Drum Pumps: Empty Up to 99.98% from Drums

Posted on by Sara Springer

FLUX F425 Pumps Can Empty Drum and Other Containers of All but 0.05 LitersFLUX F425 Liquid Saver Drum Pumps

Most drum pumps have residual fluid in the tube that drains back into the drum when pumping is done. Not the Liquid Saver Pump from FLUX. Using a unique Flowback Stop Valve on the bottom of the pump tube, the F425 prevents liquids from flowing out of the inlet when pumping is finished. This liquid can then be safely stored within the pump to be drained into the process or placed into the next drum of material. This, as well as all the other standard features, sets FLUX pumps apart from the competition.

Features of FLUX F425:

  • Available in 316 SS or Polypropylene
  • Immersion Lengths of 27, 39, 47 and 60 Inches
  • Simple lever operation of the Flowback Stop Valve prevents fluids from running out of the pump

F425 Liquid Saver

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