Plug and Play: Whirling International’s Progressive Cavity Pumps

Posted on by Sara Springer

Are you seeking a progressive cavity pump to replace your existing one? Look no further! Whirling International has multiple PCP series that are ready to install!

Almost every progressive cavity pump produced by Whirling International is considered “plug and play;” giving customers the confidence and convenience of replacing their current pumps with a product that immediately fits into an existing manufacturing system.

Whirling International supplies 4 types of progressive cavity pumps; industrial, dosing, compact and open throat series. These options in pump offerings make their pumps ideal for the oil & gas, mining, wastewater, pharmaceutical, wine, food & beverage, chemical, and paper industries.

Most standard pumps and parts are in stock.

Are you looking for a customized PCP? We can accommodate most modifications including pump designs.

Most standard pumps and parts are in stock.

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