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New Flex-A-Seal Water Saving Technology for Double Seals: Flex-A-Flo

Posted on by Sara Springer

Advanced Water Saving Technology for Double Seal ApplicationsFlex A Seal Flex A Flo Installed

Flex-A-Flo monitors the barrier fluid and uses a temperature actuated valve to replace it when it gets too hot.  This system is more efficient than standard double seal barrier fluid systems which use a constant flow of water to maintain low temperatures.

Proudly Made in the USA!

Features & Benefits of Flex-A-Flo:

  • Customizable temperature settings
  • Easy to install on most dual mechanical seals
  • Zero maintenance, automated control
  • Can pay for itself in as little as 2 months


Download the Flex-A-Seal Double Seal Water Saving Tech: Flex-A-Flo Brochure (pdf)

Springer Pumps offers full mechanical seal repair, replacement and customized sealing options for the most difficult applications. Contact us for more information.

Tag Archive: Mechanical Seals

Less Leaks with Flex-A-Seal Style 85 Split Cartridge Seals

Posted on by Sara Springer

Flex-A-Seal Style 85: More Convenient Than Conventional Cartridge SealsFlex A Seal Split Cartridge Style 85

The Style 85 Split Cartridge Seal has only two parts and mounts to equipment the same as a regular cartridge seal.  No special tools, shims or glue are needed.  Flex-A-Seal offers many other sealing options including replacements, repairs and custom sealing options.

Style 85 Features:

  • No damage to sealing faces
  • Easy installation
  • Works on worn packing sleeves
  • Factory testing for seal performance
  • And much more…

Download the Flex-A-Seal Style 85 brochure (pdf)

Flex-A-Seal Products Coming to Springer Pumps Online Catalog Soon…