Advanced Flow, Level and Pressure Sensors From FLOWLINE

Posted on by Sara Springer

FLOWLINE Ultrasonic Level Sensors and SwitchesFlowline Ultrasonic Level, Pressure & Flow Sensors

Ultrasonic technology allows these sensors & switches to take accurate measurements without contacting the liquid. With built in logic controls and a sturdy design, this sensors make leveling simpler. Springer Pumps also carries FLOWLINE pressure and flow sensors.

FLOWLINE Ultrasonic Sensor Features & Benefits:

  • No Contact with Corrosive/Dirty Liquids
  • Fast Accurate Monitoring
  • Logic Control for One or More Pumps
  • Ultrasonic, Vibration and Float Level Sensors


Battery Power 55 Gallon Drum Level SensorFLOWLINE’s portable, battery operated level sensors for drums are a good solution for processes requiring frequent filling/emptying and switching of drums where permanent installations are not possible. High alarm, low alarm and high & low level alarm sensors are available.


Please Call 866-777-6060 or Contact Us for Product Brochure and Information. FLOWLINE’s large selection of sensors cover most applications. Custom solutions available.