Ampco Shear Mixers: The Right Amount of Shear for Mixing

Posted on by Sara Springer


Ampco Shear Blenders and High-Shear Blenders

The SB & SBH Shear Blenders utilize the design of the Ampco LM/LF Centrifugal Pumps series to create an innovative design in shear mixing. By replacing the impeller, cover and (for some applications) the impeller nut, Ampco was able to make a competitively priced shear mixer. They use the same wear parts as the LM/LF line to reduce replacement part cost.

Ampco Shear Blender SB:

  • Adjustable Clearance: .3 to 1.2mm
  • Reduces Undissolved Solids
  • Help Achieve Specified Final Mix

Ampco Shear Blender SBH:

  • High-Shear Mixing: Multiple Shearing Stages
  • Smooth Product Consistency and Texture
  • Repeatable Mixing Results
  • Tighter Clearances Than Shear Blender SB

Download The Ampco Shear Blender Brochure

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