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SBH Powder Mixers from Ampco Pumps Reduce Powder Blending Efforts

Posted on by Sara Springer

Reduce Time & Energy Spent Mixing Powders

SBH Powder Mixer ThumbAmpco SBH Powder Mixers feature a stainless steel table with hopper, SBH High Shear Blender, SP Liquid Ring Pump and a control panel. Powders take less time & effort to mix, airborne particles are reduced and there is no limit to batch sizes. Most applications require only one pass for complete blending. Many options for improved performance.

Tag Archive: Powder Mixing

Ampco Shear Mixers: The Right Amount of Shear for Mixing

Posted on by Sara Springer


Ampco Shear Blenders and High-Shear Blenders

The SB & SBH Shear Blenders utilize the design of the Ampco LM/LF Centrifugal Pumps series to create an innovative design in shear mixing. By replacing the impeller, cover and (for some applications) the impeller nut, Ampco was able to make a competitively priced shear mixer. They use the same wear parts as the LM/LF line to reduce replacement part cost.

Ampco Shear Blender SB:

  • Adjustable Clearance: .3 to 1.2mm
  • Reduces Undissolved Solids
  • Help Achieve Specified Final Mix