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Ampco Shear Mixers: The Right Amount of Shear for Mixing

Posted on by Sara Springer


Ampco Shear Blenders and High-Shear Blenders

The SB & SBH Shear Blenders utilize the design of the Ampco LM/LF Centrifugal Pumps series to create an innovative design in shear mixing. By replacing the impeller, cover and (for some applications) the impeller nut, Ampco was able to make a competitively priced shear mixer. They use the same wear parts as the LM/LF line to reduce replacement part cost.

Ampco Shear Blender SB:

  • Adjustable Clearance: .3 to 1.2mm
  • Reduces Undissolved Solids
  • Help Achieve Specified Final Mix


Tag Archive: In-Line Mixers

UET: Mag-Drive, Side Entry & Portable Industrial Mixers

Posted on by Sara Springer

UET Mixers: For Tough Mixing NeedsUET Mixer

Springer Pumps can recommend a new UET mixing system or a retrofit/upgrade to an outdated mixer. Additionally, Springer Pumps offers UET mag-drive mixers for dangerous chemicals/processes, sanitary or aseptic use.

UET Mixer Advantages:

  • Customized, Engineered Mixing Solutions
  • Certification/Validation Capable
  • CAD Drawings
  • 24 Month Warranty
  • Rebuilds and Retrofits


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Magna-Safe Industrial & Sanitary Mixers are 100% Leak Proof!

Posted on by Sara Springer

MagnaSafe Top Entry MixerMagnetic Driven Mixers by MagnaSafe

The primary advantages of sealless designs are the elimination of vapor leakage & product contamination. The magnetic drive (similar to mag-drive pumps) eliminates the need for mechanical seals. This results in lower maintenance costs, fewer spare parts, and decreased downtime. MagnaSafe covers all their products with warranties and support documentation.

Benefits of Seal-less Mixing Technology:

  • Leak proof: prevents product contamination
  • Increased operator safety
  • SIP/CIP capable
  • Maintenance free design
  • High pressure/high temperature design

MagnaSafe offers re-engineering for converting existing mixers to magnetically driven units. Support & Documentation available for all MagnaSafe products and for re-engineered mixers.