Rotan MD Magnetic Driven Pumps for Molten Sulfur Service

Posted on by Sara Springer

Rotan’s MD Pumps Successful in Difficult Molten Sulfur Applications

Rotan MD Series Pump CutawayThe sealless design of Rotan MD Pumps eliminates the possibility of moisture contacting the sulfur during pumping. With the heating jacket and Rotan’s advanced, patented cooling system the sulfur is maintained at it’s optimal temperature while the magnet is constantly cooled.

Feature & Benefits of Rotan MD Pumps:

  • End clearance adjustment without pump head removal
  • Abrasive Resistant Features
  • True Back Pull-Out Design
  • Advanced, patented magnet cooling system
  • 800+ ft-lb torque coupling

Download Rotan’s MD Pumps in Molten Sulfur Service Brochure (pdf)

Download Rotan’s MD Magnetically Coupled Internal Gear Pumps Brochure (pdf)

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