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SuperKlean Mixing Unit Comparison to Competitors

Posted on by Sara Springer

SuperKlean 8000GM-S Steam/Cold Water Mixing UnitSuperKlean’s Steam & Cold Mixing Unit comes out ahead in comparison to competitors. It is safe, stable and easy to use. Installation & maintenance are efficient and easy. Compare and consider this unit for your application.

SuperKlean Steam Mixing Units Benefits & Features:

  • Easy Installation, Cleaning & Maintenance of Inlet Connections Due to Design
  • Front Port Built into Valve for Easy Temperature Gauge Installation
  • Dual Outlet Design
  • Long-Lasting Internal Seals & Superior Performance
  • Less Than 30 PSI Minimum Water Pressure Required (Steam side tested with 115 PSI compressed air)
  • Balancing Valve Design Results in Temperature Output Stability
  • Highest Steam Leakage Prevention (Units are tested using compressed air at steam inlets)

Download Our Complete SuperKlean Steam Mixing Unit Comparison Chart