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Sandpiper Evolution 2″ & 3″ vs Wilden PS800 & PS1500

How do the Sandpiper 2″ and 3″ Evolution AODD pumps perform when put up against the competition? Evolution pumps are more efficient, pump more, cost less to operate and are easier to maintain. Sandpiper’s new Evolution series will save money over every other AODD pump on the market.


BLACOH Surge Shield Bridges the Gap Between Surge Dampeners and Vessels

BLACOH SURGE SHIELD is designed to protect you piping system and pumps from dangerous water hammer effects and range from 25-500 gallon sizes for systems too large for SENTRY products and too small for full sized SURGE CONTROL vessels.


BLACOH AODDampener® Pulsation Dampener

BLACOH’s® new, purpose built AODD pulsation dampener called the AODDampener™ has standard features that cost more with the competition. It features all 316L stainless steel and PTFE construction at a lower price than most plastic and metal units. The AODDampener™ reduces the flow pulsations inherent in AODD pumps. ATEX certification is available. It’s a great accessory for existing AODD pump applications and new ones!


GRACO 1050HP High Pressure Diaphragm Pump

1050HP high pressure pumps offer increased fluid pressure without sacrificing flow. Low-High pressure mode switch allows pump to function as a standard AODD pump, saving up to 50% air consumption when high pressure isn’t required.


The Portable, Easy to Clean SaniForce 515 FDA Diaphragm Pump

FDA Certified Pump in a Small, Convenient Package. This addition to Graco’s SaniForce line adds portability and small size to an already impressive line of sanitary air operated double diaphragm pumps. Graco additionally offers an optional SaniForce 515 Drum Kit (part #262828). This kit allows 55 gallon drums to easily be evacuated while maintaining sanitary conditions.