MR Series from Masosine Discontinued and Replaced by Certa Series

Posted on by Sara Springer

SPS Sine Pump Click to See a Labeled Exploded View.Starting January 1, 2018 the MR Series will be discontinued. This is due to the success of the Certa series and its better performance in almost every category. The MR 120, MR 125, MR 130 MR 135 and MR 150 are all included in this discontinuation. The MR 160 will still be produced, but under the model number SPS 600L for applications that require high pressure.

Certa pumps are lower shear, more efficient and more cleanable than the MR series was and almost every other pump on the planet. The clean-ability of this pump is not an idol boast, it is backed up by EHEDG Class I Aseptic Certification. This makes it one of only two pumps to hold this certification. It is highly cleanable in CIP systems.

Certa Features:

  • Superior high viscous handling
  • No more liners, only one primary wear part
  • Cerified EHEDG Aseptic, one of only two pumps to ever receive this
  • Much more

Find out the advantages to replacing your MR Series with a Certa Pump today!