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SENTRY CIP Sanitary Flow Through Dampeners

Posted on by Sara Springer


Specially Designed Sanitary Pulsation Dampener from BLACOH

BLACOH SENTRY CIP DampenerBLACOH SENTRY CIP Dampeners have a seamless bladder that allows Clean-in-Place operations and features molded ends that act as the gasket for tri-clamp fittings. This eliminates product holdup and trapped particles. Pulsation dampeners reduce system damage caused by fluctuating pressures caused by pumps and smooths out flow for more accurate dosing, filling or coating. They work with any pump type and are particularly useful with AOD, EOD, Hose and Peristaltic Pumps.

Benefits of Surge Dampening:

  • Smooths out pulsations to increase accuracy and consistency of coating, filling and metering
  • Reduces strain on system piping, valves and other downstream equipment
  • SENTRY CIP Dampener can be fitted with USP Pharma-Grade Silicone or Food-Grade EPDM

Tag Archive: surge dampener

NEW: Redesigned, Surge Suppressing, Tranquilizers by Warren Rupp.

Posted on by Sara Springer

Warren Rupp Announces Two Updates for Sandpiper TRANQUILIZER® Surge Suppression Accessory Options.


Principle of Operation:

During operation, the diaphragm(s) flex within the mid-range position, absorbing and equalizing discharge surge. If pressure changes in the system, the air cushion pressure compensates, automatically increasing or decreasing. If liquid pressure is released, air in the suppressor chamber exhausts into the atmosphere. Properly sized and installed, Tranquilizers provide virtually surge-free discharge flow.

TD1 1/2 is replaced with TA1 1/2

The TA1 1/2 eliminates the flow-through design, which means steadier discharge surges – steadier pressures.

TA2 Redesigned With New All Bolted Construction

The TA2 features all bolted construction which replaces the V-band clamps.  The new design means fewer parts inventory and is keeping in line with Sandpipers move to all bolted construction.

Features and Benefits:

WR Tranq Diagram

  • Virtually Surge-Free Flows and Steadier pressures.

  • Variety of sizes and materials

  • Less vibration and noise

  • Simple installation

  • Automatically Self-Charging and Self-Venting.

  • Longest Life Balanced Diaphragm.

The Graph Below Shows the Reduction in Pulsation/Surges After the Addition of a Tranquilizer.  The Pulsation/Surges are almost Non-Existant, which makes metering and through put much easier to control and monitor.

WR Tranq Graph