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Biomist Micro Backpack Sanitization System

Posted on by Sara Springer

Germs, Viruses – JUST TRY TO HIDE

Biomist Micro

Biomist, proud creators of the germ-killing, Biomist and Biomist Mini Systems, now offer a micro version.  This wearable backpack system allows greater flexibility for you, our germ-killing aficionados.

The Biomist Micro System is a perfect way to sanitize hard-to-reach areas. It can either be pulled by hand or worn backpack style to allow you room to maneuver.  No laborious hand pumping, electricity or batteries are required for operation. Just point and spray!

Benefits of Biomist Systems:

  • Fastest disinfecting method available
  • More thorough: Micro-droplets swirl into places impossible to reach with other methods
  • Requires no wipe-down: Dries in seconds
  • Can be used on precision machinery or electronic equipment without risk of corrosion

High mobility system for use in locations where mobility is desired and the target surface area is minimal. Perfect as a supplement to the full-size Biomist SS20 or Biomist Mini SS10 units for larger operations.


Tag Archive: Sanitization Methods

Biomist D2 Real World Application in Shell Egg Facility

Posted on by Sara Springer

Biomist D2 Sanitizing Solution: Champion Germ KillerBiomist Sanitizing System

Biomist’s D2 Sanitizing Formula was tested against Salmonella on egg processing equipment. The standard method for cleaning equipment in shell egg processing plants is to rinse thoroughly with water. Biomist D2 takes less time and is easier to apply. Test results show that in most cases Biomist D2 can completely eliminate Salmonella and other bacteria in 5 mins. Over a 24 hour period of time Biomist D2 completely eliminates germs. Side by side, Biomist D2 vs Water, Biomist is the clear winner.

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NEW: The Affordable Biomist Mini Sanitizing System

Posted on by Sara Springer

Biomist Mini LogoBIOMIST MINI: A Sanitization System ANYONE Can Use!Biomist Mini in Use


Now available in a more compact, portable size truly anyone can operate the Biomist Mini.  It is more compact and does not require electricity to operate.   The Biomist Mini uses the same D2 Biomist Formula as the full sized unit.  Simply screw the D2 bottle onto the applicator gun and start killing germs!

Download the Biomist Mini System Brochure

Biomist Effectiveness Against Ebola

Biomist Areas Of Use Brochure

Download Biomist D2 Solution News Release

View Additional Biomist Products in Springer Pumps Online Catalog


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Safely Sanitize Where Water Based Solutions Can Not Be Used

Posted on by Sara Springer

Sanitize Quickly & Effectively, No Wiping!

Biomist Packaging MachineryBiomist is the first safe method for power spraying equipment and facilities with an alcohol-based sanitizing solution. Biomist Formula D2 contains a concentrated solution of alcohol (long recognized as an optimal sanitizing agent), as well as a four-chain quaternary ammonium compound to continue sanitizing after the alcohol has evaporated. To eliminate the problem of alcohol’s flammability, Biomist’s patented technology uses high pressure bottled carbon dioxide (CO2) as a carrier to spray the sanitizer. Biomist can be sprayed in the presence of an open flame without danger.

All of the Biomist Power Sanitizing Systems effectively improve sanitizing operations in food processing plants, vegetables, meat and poultry plants, personal care & pharmaceutical facilities!

The Biomist sanitization system covers large areas quickly while not missing the nooks and crannies. Biomist systems are more efficient in both time and labor costs associated with tedious manual sanitizing using spray bottles and wiping.

Features and Benefits:

  • Easy to Use- ANYONE can Operate Biomist
  • Sprays up to 15ft
  • Atomized solution settles in nooks and crannies
  • No post spray wiping required
  • Time and labor cost-efficient
  • Powerful sanitizing solution
  • Kills 99.99% of micro-organisms – surface and airborne
  • Safe for food contact without rinse
  • Fire Safe Operation– Biomist can be operated near sparks and OPEN FLAMES
  • The solution is propelled by and enveloped in CO²

Independent testing has proved Biomist D2 Solution effective in killing:

  • Staphylococcus aureus MRSA (ATCC 33591)
  • Staphylococcus aureus (ATCC 6538)
  • Enterococcus faecium VRE (ATCC 51559)
  • Escherichia coli 0157:H7 (ATCC 43895)
  • Pseudomonas aeruginosa (ATCC 15442)
  • Listeria monocytogenes (ATCC 19111)
  • Salmonella choleraesuis (ATCC 10708)
  • HIV- 1 (associated with AIDS)
  • Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)
  • Norovirus
  • …and the vast majority of all other viruses and bacteria!
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