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Ampco Pumps’ Pump Remanufacturing Program: Like New Pump Performance for 30% Less

Used ZP Style Pumps Remanufactured with Standard Ampco Upgrade PartsAMPCO Remanufactured Pump vs Used PD Pump

Ampco can take a used PD Pump such as ZP Pumps, Waukesha Universal I & II, or Wright TRA 10 & TRA 20 and re-manufacture it to perform like new. At 30% less than the cost of a new pump it will save money and for many pumps the process can be performed multiple times.

Pump Remanufacturing Program Features:

  • Standard AMPCO Upgrades Included
    • SS gear case
    • SS bearing retainer & helical gears
    • Pumps Size 30+ receive 17-4 PH shafts
  • Fully factory tested before shipment
  • 1 Year factory warranty on all parts replaced by Ampco
  • Multiple remanufacturing options available

Download Ampco’s Pump Remanufacturing Program Flyer (pdf)

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