NEW: Graco’s Speed Controller for Air Drive Agitators

Posted on by Sara Springer

Automatic Speed Controller for Air Drive AgitatorsAgitator Speed Controller

Graco is pleased to announce the introduction of the Agitator Speed Controller.  This exciting new product was developed to improve the consistency of pneumatic agitators by maintaining a constant agitator speed as the material level inside the drum decreases.  Agitators operating without the speed controller will increase their rotational speed and air consumption as the drum is emptied.  This can lead to the reduction of finish quality due to the formation of air bubbles and excessive shearing.  By improving the consistency of the agitator, the Agitator Speed Controller improves process control and reduces energy consumption.

Within minutes, the Agitator Speed Controller can be assembled to many Graco and competitive pneumatic agitators.   Compatible agitators include models that use GAST 2AM and GAST 4AM air motors.  GAST 2AM and GAST 4AM air motors are distinguished by their 30mm or 1-3/16″.

Features of the Graco Agitator Speed Controller:

  • Quick install, requires less than 1 minute to setup
  • Prevents over agitation for shear sensitive and waterborne materials
  • Saves energy by limiting agitator over speeding
  • Prevents motor over speeding, extending lifetime


Download the Graco Agitator Speed Controller Brochure (pdf)

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