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Biomist Micro Backpack Sanitization System

Posted on by Sara Springer

Germs, Viruses – JUST TRY TO HIDE

Biomist Micro

Biomist, proud creators of the germ-killing, Biomist and Biomist Mini Systems, now offer a micro version.  This wearable backpack system allows greater flexibility for you, our germ-killing aficionados.

The Biomist Micro System is a perfect way to sanitize hard-to-reach areas. It can either be pulled by hand or worn backpack style to allow you room to maneuver.  No laborious hand pumping, electricity or batteries are required for operation. Just point and spray!

Benefits of Biomist Systems:

  • Fastest disinfecting method available
  • More thorough: Micro-droplets swirl into places impossible to reach with other methods
  • Requires no wipe-down: Dries in seconds
  • Can be used on precision machinery or electronic equipment without risk of corrosion

High mobility system for use in locations where mobility is desired and the target surface area is minimal. Perfect as a supplement to the full-size Biomist SS20 or Biomist Mini SS10 units for larger operations.