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Graco E-Flo, Electric Piston Pump Reduces Downtime and Energy Costs.

Posted on by Sara Springer

The benefits of a piston pump with the energy efficiency of an electric drive unit!


  • Dual midrange High-Flo stainless steel lowers operates out of phase for lower pressure variation.
  • Ability for online maintenance simplifies repair and reduces downtime.
  • Achieves up to 22.6 gpm at 20 cpm. For higher pressure requirements, up to 460 psi models available.
  • Includes a Graco programmed VFD for less pressure variation, as well as, integrated overpressure protection and remote monitoring of performance via computer or PLC.
  • Pneumatically controlled BPR (back pressure regulator) remotely reduces fluid pressure during off-production operation and extends material integrity and realize further energy cost savings.


Tag Archive: graco pump

New Graco Ink Pumps- Long Lasting Piston Pumps with Sealed Wet Cups.

Posted on by Sara Springer

Graco Introduces New Ink Pumps!

Ink Pump-ThumbThese Graco piston pumps have an enclosed, dual seal wet cup design with an extended seal life – ideal for the most difficult inks. This piston pump is available with a hydraulic or pneumatic motor and an optional runaway control.  It is suitable for use with low and high volume multiple press printers using letterpress or lithographic inks, and ingredient supply to dispersion mixers.

Ink Pump Highlights:

• Prolonged seal life with enclosed, dual seal wet cups

• Runaway control with optional DataTrak™

• MaxLife® seal for longer life

• Handles difficult inks

• Offered in 14:1 to 26:1 ratios

• Lower conversion kit available for King air motors

• Available with hydraulic or pneumatic motors

Graco offers many pumps, pump systems and other industrial products.  They are committed to continually improving their products and bringing new technology to market to make your process run better and make your job easier.  To see a complete list of Graco Products follow the links below.

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