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Graco E-Flo, Electric Piston Pump Reduces Downtime and Energy Costs.

Posted on by Sara Springer

The benefits of a piston pump with the energy efficiency of an electric drive unit!


  • Dual midrange High-Flo stainless steel lowers operates out of phase for lower pressure variation.
  • Ability for online maintenance simplifies repair and reduces downtime.
  • Achieves up to 22.6 gpm at 20 cpm. For higher pressure requirements, up to 460 psi models available.
  • Includes a Graco programmed VFD for less pressure variation, as well as, integrated overpressure protection and remote monitoring of performance via computer or PLC.
  • Pneumatically controlled BPR (back pressure regulator) remotely reduces fluid pressure during off-production operation and extends material integrity and realize further energy cost savings.