Husky Pump 1050 Air Operated Pump, a More Efficient Diaphragm Pump!

Posted on by Sara Springer

Graco Pumps Announced the Addition of the Husky 1050 AODD to their Husky Pump Line.  

There are NO EQUALS to the Husky 1050 Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pump.

The Husky Pump 1050 line is a complete family of 1″ (25.4 mm) Air-Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps.  This Husky Pump group comes in multiple materials of construction and several different diaphragm materials. It is 30% more efficient then similar models made by competitors and is available with Diaphragms that last up to FIVE TIMES LONGER. Graco-Husky1050-Thumb

The new Husky 1050 diaphragm pump features a stall-free, low pulsation air valve which provides a smooth and rapid changeover.  Available in aluminum, polypropylene, conductive polypropylene, PVDF, stainless steel and hastelloy fluid sections.  It also has an available DataTrak for Runaway Protection and Cycle/Pulsation Count.

 Features & Benefits: 

  • Modular air valve for stall-free, low pulsation operation, providing smooth and rapid changeover
  • One-piece center section eliminates air leaks for more efficient operation
  • Up to 5x longer diaphragm life for less maintenance and downtime
  • Four bolt joint design provides even sealing pressure for optimal performance
  • Increased number of ports for installation flexibility


    The Husky 1050 Line of Pumps.
    Husky 1050 Pump Line.

  • Drum fluid transfer
  • Unloading fluids
  • Chemical evacuation
  • Ceramic glaze supply
  • De-watering and sump evacuation
  • Repackaging of fluids from original container to smaller receptacles 
  • Download the Husky 1050 Flyer  

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