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INOXPA’s KIBER KTE Pump Gently Processes Red Wine Grapes!

Posted on by Sara Springer

It takes many steps to create exceptional wine and the equipment used in your winemaking process is a key component to bottled perfection.  INOXPA’s KIBER KTE® Progressive Cavity Pump takes care of your de-stemmed red grapes and processes them with a gentle touch that is reflected in the flavor of each glassful.

The KIBER KTE ® Helicoidal Pump focuses on the delicate passing of masses, pastes, liquids, and solids, specifically grapes.  Equipped with an attached hopper and feeding screw, this pump is compact and can be installed directly under a destemming machine.

Additional Features of the KIBER KTE®:

  • Safety grid attached to the hopper
  • Run dry applications
    • Drainage
    • Minimal level resistive sensor
  • Stainless steel trolley with casters and brake
    • The handle is designed with an electronic panel mount (electronic panel included).
  • The drive features a worm gearbox with flange, coupled to a standard 3 phase electric motor (according to IEC)
  • 4 pump sizes are available

Life is sweeter with wine. Trust your winemaking process with a KIBER KTE® Pump by INOXPA®. For more details or to request a quote, contact SPRINGER PUMPS® today.

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Tag Archive: Progressing Cavity Pump

Positive Displacement Pump Problems?

Posted on by Sara Springer

New Type of Positive Displacement Pump Solves Common Issues

Qts Gif Loop Red Balls

Positive displacement pumps are used successfully in a wide range of applications in almost every industry. Many of these applications, however, suffer from a wide range of problems common to pumps like rotary lobe, rotary piston and progressive cavity pumps. Whether it be cavitation, rotor-to-body contact, wear due to tight clearances and abrasive fluids, loud operating noise or frequent repairs due to axial deflection, these issues cause no end of headaches to the plant maintenance personnel that deal with them.

Enter in the QTS Twin Screw pump. Twin screw pumps solve many of these problems. Due to the inherent qualities of the pump design they rarely produce cavitation (low NPSH requirements), there is no body/rotor or rotor/rotor contact (even at high pressures), abrasive fluids don’t cause nearly as much wear, they operate at very low noise levels and have absolutely zero axial deflection. QTS Twin Screw pumps are the future of positive displacement pumping.


Contact us by phone, through EMAIL or SUBMIT A RFQ through our site today to find out how Springer Pumps can improve your process performance and your bottom line with a QTS pump today!

Additional QTS Series Features:

  • LOW Pulsation Flow
  • Bi-Directional Flow, Self-Priming in Both Directions
    • Low NPSH Requirements, Reduces Possibility of Cavitation
  • Fully Drainable, CIP-able Design
    • Can be used for Process CIP Pump, Eliminating the Need for Second Pump and Equipment
  • Extremely Low Shear, Gentle Product Handling
  • High-Speed Operation, Up to 3000 RPM
  • And More…