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Aggressive Liquids Have Met Their Match! Magnetically-Coupled ANSI-Dimensional Pumps: ENDURA MC-Series by Liquiflo!

Posted on by Sara Springer

Rugged and durable, these magnetically-coupled ANSI-dimensional pumps by Liquiflo® are specifically designed to withstand aggressive chemicals and feature oversized shafts to reduce shaft deflections and extend bearing life.  

The Endura MC-Series® can also handle extreme pressure and heat, the standard Endura Pump can provide pressures up to 275 PSI/19bar and handle temperatures up to 350F /176C. 


  • Flow rates up to 770GPM/2,900 LPM 
  • Heads up to 420ft/128m 
  • Corrosion-resistant 316 Stainless steel 
  • Magnetic Drive Design Eliminates Seal Leakage 
  • Lower cost than double-sealed pumps 
  • 7 ANSI-Dimensioned sizes 
  • Achieves or exceeds sealed pump performance 
  • The run-cool design extends the life of bearings and magnets 
  • Self-venting due to centerline discharge 
  • Easy maintenance 
  • Replacement modules are available 
  • Close-coupled or long-coupled with power frame option 

For more information about the ENDURA MC-Series® please contact Springer Pumps® today. 

Tag Archive: ANSI Pumps

CURFLO Uses CD4MCu as Standard where Others Use 316SS

Posted on by Sara Springer

Curflo Cd4mcu ComponentsCURFLO goes above and beyond when manufacturing their ANSI Pump Lines. Using CD4MCu as standard where others use 316SS makes CURFLO ANSI Pumps more durable and easier to maintain than the competition.

CD4MCu is a high alloy stainless steel with superior stress corrosion crack resistance, and better corrosion resistance in chloride environments compared to the standard materials such as 316SS.