Sandpiper’s Warning of Pirate Parts for Your AODD Pump

Posted on by Sara Springer

Keep your SandPiper® pumps operating at peak performance with genuine SandPiper® parts!

Physical Appearance: Pirate parts often look the same but rarely perform the same as Sandpiper’s OEM parts for obvious reasons:

  • Sandpiper’s parts are made with longevity in mind, reducing downtime
  • Sandpiper’s parts are tested, and tested again for guarantied high performance
  • Sandpiper is constantly improving and changing designs to better perform directly with their equipment

Saving Money: Pirate parts look like a bargain but will cost you in the long run.

  • You WILL experience shorter life cycles with pirate parts due to cheaper materials and manufacturing practices
  • longer lengths of downtime
  • more frequent maintenance to equipment
  • Added potential to damaging other parts or your AODD pump

Your Sandpiper Warranty:

  • Pirate parts will most likely void your warranty with Sandpiper®
  • Pirate parts could potentially void industry certifications
  • Pirate parts can cause malfunction of your Sandpiper equipment and personal injury

Make smart choices when choosing your replacement parts for your Sandpiper AODD Pump and buy OEM instead of pirated parts to ensure you have a well maintained AODD pump that will operate as it should. For more information on Sandpiper’s OEM parts.

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