FLUX FILL GT: Compact Semi Automatic Filling System

Posted on by Sara Springer

Introducing a filling system that fits in small spaces and comes with a scale for calibrated, efficient filling of fluids: the FLUX Fill GT. It has a small but sophisticated system ready to handle your low viscosity, slightly foaming fluids, making it ideal for food and beverage applications.

With the semi-automatic filling system FLUX-FILL GT, low viscosity and slightly foaming fluids can be filled quickly, efficiently and safely. The system works with a scale and thus enables filling according to the pre-packaging regulation (FPackV). The integrated filling program management allows the fluids to be easily filled into a wide variety of containers using the above-surface method. The system is particularly
suitable for filling small and medium-sized container batches, with and without container changes – for internal use as well
as for sales. Drive via hermetically sealed, self-priming magnetic pumps or many other pump systems possible. Combined with other products from the range of FLUX pumps and accessories, the feed side can also be optimally designed for the application. A compact, semi-automatic filling system can be configured from the filling system and feed components.

It’s time to simplify your filling process with a small but precise filling system and dial in your exact measurements with a FLUX Fill GT.