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INOXPA’s KIBER KTE Pump Gently Processes Red Wine Grapes!

Posted on by Sara Springer

It takes many steps to create exceptional wine and the equipment used in your winemaking process is a key component to bottled perfection.  INOXPA’s KIBER KTE® Progressive Cavity Pump takes care of your de-stemmed red grapes and processes them with a gentle touch that is reflected in the flavor of each glassful. The KIBER KTE […]

FLUX OEM High Viscosity, Sanitary Cart

Posted on by Sara Springer

Need a custom cart made for transferring thick, viscous fluids? Don’t have time to design and build one yourself? Don’t worry, FLUX and Springer Pumps have you covered. We have the experience and know-how to make a cart, sanitary or industrial, to fit your needs. Cart Features: Electric or air-powered motors Variety of pump sizes […]