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New SuperKlean Maintenance Videos Playlist

Over the last two decades, SuperKlean Washdown Products has emerged as the leader in the highest quality industrial washdown equipment. The world’s largest and most admired food and beverage producers trust SuperKlean products to sanitize their plants and factories. To keep their reputations stellar, these companies require the finest steam and hot and cold water mixing stations to keep their products clean, pristine, and safe for consumption. In fact, independent testing results of the top 5 washdown suppliers in the world have shown SuperKlean’s DURAMIX 8000 to be the undisputed #1 choice in reliability, safety, efficiency and ease of maintenance.SuperKlean’s … Read the rest


Hydra-Clean Pressure Washers in Pneumatic and Hydraulic Models

Hydra-Clean Pressure Washers Offer Reliability and Spray Down Portability

Graco Hydra-Clean Pressure WashersClean up your facility the quick, easy and efficient way with Graco Hydra-Clean pressure washers! Designed with Graco’s NXT air motor or the Viscount II hydraulic motor, it’s ideal for industrial and sanitary applications including food processing facilities, heavy duty cleaning, maintenance, shipyards, oil rigs and more.

Gas and electric can’t be used? Choose the pneumatic-driven or hydraulic-driven Hydra-Clean pressure washer for your cleaning solution!

Unlike many gas and electric pressure washers, our Hydra-Clean pressure washers are designed to operate in hazardous locations. Our industrial and sanitary pressure washers are a … Read the rest


Consider a Transfer to GRACO Processing Pumps

Looking for a a wide range of:

  • Processing Solutions?GRACO_Process_Pumps_1.jpg

  • Process Applications?

  • Compatibility Options?

Then Consider the Cost Effective GRACO Line of Process Pumps & Equipment:


High Yield, Reliable Poultry Processing: Think MasoSine MR 160

As a medium duty sanitary pump, the MR 160 is capable of flow rates up to 20,000 lbs per hour when pumping marinated poultry meat. This pump features stainless steel power frames, 3A baseplates, along with NEMa 4X-rated VFDs. Read More...

MasoSine Process Pumps: Food Pumping Perfected

MasoSine Food Process Pump Series: The Pumps of Choice for the Food IndustryMasoSine_Perfect_Food_Pump1

MasoSine offers the perfect food and beverage pump to increase performance and minimize cost. These lines include the MasoSine SPS and EcoSine Series. The lower shear, gentle pumping action of the sinusoidal rotor design means safe transfers of delicate food. These lines of pumps can provide flow rates up to 590 GPM (at 90 PSI) and handle pressures up to 217 PSI (at 434 GPM) with no risk to product integrity. Concentrated and viscous products of up to 8 million centipose (cP) is also possible, with no … Read the rest


MasoSine Sweet Pump Solutions for Confectionery & Chocolate Production

MasoSine Certa and SPS Pump Series for Confectionery: High Reliability & Low Product Damage


For sweet solutions to chocolate and confectionery production look to the MasoSine Certa and SPS positive displacement pump series. These pumps offer hygienic application, high reliability and lowMasoSine Confectionery Application product damage overcoming common challenges associated with confectionery production.  The single sinusoidal rotor design means low propulsion, while the large pumping chambers promote product integrity. The Certa pump series offers a solution to reducing product damage while offering easy maintenance and cleanability. The SPS 2 sanitary/industrial pump series is capable of  addressing the tough demands of highly … Read the rest


Watson-Marlow Presents Bredel Food & Beverage Grade Hoses & Pumps

Food Safe, Cost Efficient and Reliable Hoses & Pumps for the Food and Beverage Industry

Watson-Marlow Bredel Food Grade Hose

The line of Bredel improved food contact hoses and peristaltic pumps by Watson-Marlow provide well qualified solutions for use in the food and beverage industry. The improved Buna N® (F-NBR) hoses are safe for food contact and provide increased hose life up to 80%, reduced maintenance, accurate flow and compliance with the latest food hygiene regulations. The peristaltic hose pumps mean no contact between product and pump parts, no valves or seals, reliability, accuracy, gentleness to product and abrasive solids compatibility. With a wide range … Read the rest


Watson-Marlow Bredel Heavy Duty Hose Pumps: Cost Effective & Reliable

Cost Effective & Reliable Heavy Duty Hose Pump Solutions for a Broad Range of Tough Applications


Offering pumps with no seals or valves to wear, clog or leak: The Watson-Marlow Bredel Heavy Duty Hose Pump Series offers a line of peristaltic pumps to match a broad variety of aggressive application.  With 100% constant compression, no seals and no valves these pumps provide excellent metering and pressure performance while minimizing maintenance and downtime. These pumps also offer a wide range of applications such as chemical, water & waste treatment,  paint & pigments, pulp, paper, mining, ceramics, construction, printing, food, beverage … Read the rest


EHEDG Certified Watson-Marlow Bredel CIP 40 & 50 Hose Pumps

Watson-Marlow Bredel CIP 40 & 50 Hose Pumps Offer EHEDG Certified True Clean-in-Place Operation


The Bredel CIP 40 and CIP 50 by Watson-Marlow Bredel feature cam actuated retractable shoes, which allow for an unobstructed fluid path to provide optimum clean-in-place operation. In addition, these pumps are certified by the European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) and utilize National Sanitation Foundation (NSF®) registered food grade lubricant. Look no further for efficient high sanitation application, reduced downtime and maintenance with these pumps.

Featuring:Bredel 40 CIP Hose Pump

  • Flow Rate Range from 21.1 to 37.4 GPM
  • Up to 232 PSI Discharge Process Pressure Available
  • Options
Read the rest

SuperKlean Steam/Cold Water Mixers, Spray Nozzles and More!

Hot & cold water mixing stations, steam & cold water mixing stations, nozzles and hoses are just a few products offered by SuperKlean. The 8000GM series steam & cold water mixing stations have two outlets and can work with as little as 30psi of water pressure. Download the brochure to see all of SuperKlean's products. Read More...