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Ace Sanitary Offers New Hose to Replace TRS Model

Posted on by Andrew Springer

Ace Sanitary has announced a new, improved hose, the new TRP series as a replacement for their TRS series.  TRP has a PTFE liner compared to the TRS FEP liner  TRS will be available in longer production lengths.  TRP series assemblies will be available in 2022.  TRS series assemblies will be available until stock is depleted.  To place an order for TRS […]

Water Savings: High-Pressure vs Low-Pressure in Washdown

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

High-Pressure to Low-Pressure Washdown Cleaning System Comparison (900-1100 psi vs. low pressure 250 psi) The basic reason for using a high-pressure cleaning system is to create an effective impact while minimizing water usage. Rather than a low-pressure high volume system that requires twice the water to generate an effective impact. Pressure is only one of […]

New SuperKlean Maintenance Videos Playlist

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Over the last two decades, SuperKlean Washdown Products has emerged as the leader in the highest quality industrial washdown equipment. The world’s largest and most admired food and beverage producers trust SuperKlean products to sanitize their plants and factories. To keep their reputations stellar, these companies require the finest steam and hot and cold water […]

MasoSine Process Pumps: Food Pumping Perfected

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

MasoSine Food Process Pump Series: The Pumps of Choice for the Food Industry MasoSine offers the perfect food and beverage pump to increase performance and minimize cost. These lines include the MasoSine SPS and EcoSine Series. The lower shear, gentle pumping action of the sinusoidal rotor design means safe transfers of delicate food. These lines of […]

MasoSine Sweet Pump Solutions for Confectionery & Chocolate Production

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

MasoSine Certa and SPS Pump Series for Confectionery: High Reliability & Low Product Damage For sweet solutions to chocolate and confectionery production look to the MasoSine Certa and SPS positive displacement pump series. These pumps offer hygienic application, high reliability and low product damage overcoming common challenges associated with confectionery production.  The single sinusoidal rotor […]

Watson-Marlow Presents Bredel Food & Beverage Grade Hoses & Pumps

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Food Safe, Cost Efficient and Reliable Hoses & Pumps for the Food and Beverage Industry The line of Bredel improved food contact hoses and peristaltic pumps by Watson-Marlow provide well qualified solutions for use in the food and beverage industry. The improved Buna N® (F-NBR) hoses are safe for food contact and provide increased hose life […]

Watson-Marlow Bredel Heavy Duty Hose Pumps: Cost Effective & Reliable

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Cost Effective & Reliable Heavy Duty Hose Pump Solutions for a Broad Range of Tough Applications Offering pumps with no seals or valves to wear, clog or leak: The Watson-Marlow Bredel Heavy Duty Hose Pump Series offers a line of peristaltic pumps to match a broad variety of aggressive application.  With 100% constant compression, no seals […]