Posted on by Sara Springer

RUN IT DRY! FLUX’s Renner RM-TS Pump  

 Have you ever dealt with the aftermath of running a pump dry? Make sure this never happens to your business again and install FLUX®’s magnetically coupled centrifugal Renner RM-TS Pump into your process. 

With years of experience in handling hazardous materials, FLUX® continues its standard feature of metal-free pump head components for areas that encounter aggressive fluids. 

Additional features of the Renner RM-TS Pump: 

  • No slide bearing 
  • No magnetically axial-thrust equalizer required 
  • No pin-point contact system 
  • Extremely high resistance to chemicals 
  • Upon request, the new system can always be retrofitted to present pumps of the RM-type to make them safe to run dry 
  • Trouble-free operation of the pump even at high speeds 
  • Increase in efficiency through of an extremely small coefficient of friction 

It is also important to note that the bearings used in this pump produce a minimal amount of heat when the pump runs dry, and do not need to be cooled or lubricated. Patented pending 

Please reach out to SPRINGER PUMPS® for more information or to receive a quote for the Renner RM-TS Pump by FLUX®.