Ace Sanitary’s STVM Washdown Station: Hot. Silent. Safe.

Posted on by Sara Springer

Finally, an updated washdown station built with features every user can appreciate: Introducing the STVM by Ace Sanitary.

What does this washdown station do? It delivers a high-temperature washdown using a proprietary mixing valve that combines steam and water for a constant stream at the set temperature.

What makes this washdown station so great? With a single moving part, the thermal actuator within the mixing valve cartridge, the STVM Washdown station ensures extended, uninterrupted use and SILENT operation, even in high mineral content water conditions. When the steam and water flow into the mixing valve, a scouring action occurs that minimizes the mineral buildup while also reducing buildup in tight clearance areas.

In addition, the valve cartridges are easy to replace within a few minutes, all with one wrench. This added feature creates less downtime and increases productivity.

Most importantly, the STVM Washdown station is safe. Featuring a water/steam mixing valve that reduces flow should the output temperature exceed the factory set point (150f/185f) and will completely shut down 15 degrees above that. The valve will automatically restore the regular flow once temperatures return to set levels. The intuitive safety shutoff feature eliminates prior versions’ “hose full of steam” problem, decreasing potentially hazardous conditions for operators.

If you’re looking to upgrade your washdown station with a piece of equipment that is safe, silent, and easy to maintain, consider the STVM Washdown Station from Ace Sanitary ®. To learn more about this product or to receive a quote, contact Springer Pumps® today.

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