PRE-ORDER For 2023! Nomad’s 3” Aluminum Bolted, Flange Pump

Posted on by Sara Springer

Nomad is pleased to introduce its 3” aluminum bolted pump to the market. These pumps are now available for pre-ordering beginning October 31st, 2022.

Specifically, this pump is ideal for low-viscosity fluids transferred with aluminum pumps and PTFE elastomers such as hydrocarbons (solvents). These units are also available with the metallic GaurdEX™ PWR-FLO™ air valve or the poly PWR-FLO™ air valve based on individual application.

Anticipate pre-ordered pumps will arrive in Q1 2023.

For more details about Nomad’s 3” Aluminum bolted Flange Pumps or to request a quote, contact SPRINGER PUMPS ® today.

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