Well Mixed: GRACO’s Pneumatic Rotary Vane Agitators

Posted on by Sara Springer

If your project requires consistent, properly mixed materials that can be affected by shear, foaming, or compressed air consumption, GRACO® has an Agitator for your specific application. Not sure what kind of agitator you need? Graco offers multiple options and accessories to get your process operating at optimal levels.

Check out the many options and features of GRACO’s Pneumatic Rotary Vane Agitators:

Flange and Mounted Agitators for Drum and Mix Tanks:

  • Agitators mount directly to mix tank or drum covers
  • Dual propeller ensures efficient and thorough mixing
  • Easy adjustment knob for fine-tuning agitator speed to ideal mixing parameters

 Clamp Mounted Agitators:

  • Clamp mounts agitator directly to drum
  • Adjustable shaft angle to reduce mixing vortex and air entrapment
  • Dual propeller ensures efficient and thorough mixing
  • Easy adjustment knob for fine-tuning agitator speed to ideal mixing parameters

 Expanding Blade Agitators:

  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Threads into 1.5” or 2” drum bung
  • Includes angled adapter that reduces vortex and allows off-center mounting
  • Customize configuration by adjusting blade height or by adding additional blade assemblies
  • Collapsible blades fit through the drum bung and expand when spinning for efficient mixing

 Twistork® Agitators:

  • Helix blade effectively mixes higher viscosity materials
  • Mounts directly to 2 inch drum bung
  • Stainless and carbon steel material options
  • Siphon model allows material transfer though agitator shaft
  • Sealed agitator drive prevents material contamination and evaporation
  • ATEX approval for hazardous locations
  • Max viscosity 10,000 cps

 Heavy Duty In-Drum Agitator (Drum Agitators):

  • Corrosion resistant materials for high quality and long life
  • Leak-free gearbox eliminates material contamination common with oil filled units
  • Installs easily onto drum agitators
  • Mounts directly to drum bung, choose 1.5” or 2”
  • Includes 3/8”, 7/16”, ½”, 5/8” in shaft adaptors, compatible with several styles
  • ATEX approval for hazardous locations

Heavy Duty Drum Agitators (Elevators):

  • Heavy duty gearbox mixes high-viscosity materials
  • Leak-free and oil-less gearbox prevents material contamination
  • Stainless steel agitator and cover for corrosion resistance and waterborne compatibility
  • Twin paddles thoroughly mix finishing materials
  • Siphon options allows material transfer through agitator shaft
  • Access port for easy sampling and inspection of material during operation
  • Maximum viscosity 3,000 cps

Pail Cover Agitator (Pail Agitators):

  • Lift handles for easy moving and color changes
  • Locking bolts to secure cover and reduce spills
  • Ideal for wall mount pumps or spray packages

Heavy Duty Pressure Tank Agitators (Tank Agitators):

  • 20:1 gear reduction to mix high viscosity materials, even at low speeds
  • Sealed agitator shaft to prevent air leakage and contamination
  • Built-in baffle and support for efficient mixing
  • Compatible with GRACO tanks

It’s time to improve your manufacturing process and finished material quality with a Pneumatic Rotary Vane Agitator by GRACO. For more information about GRACO’s agitators or to request a quote, please contact SPRINGER PUMPS® today.