FLUX Has Complete Pump Kits for Disinfectants, Sanitizers & Cleaning Agents

Posted on by Sara Springer

Simplify your business’ dosing process with a complete pump kit by FLUX® Pumps, designed to pump your disinfectants efficiently, sanitizers, and liquid cleaning agents.

FLUX® pumps are known in the pumping industry for producing safe, high-quality, durable drum and container pumps. The company now proudly offers all-in-one pump kits to the liquid cleaning agent sector. Whether you need to pump, dose, or mix disinfectants, sanitizers, or similar fluids, FLUX’s complete pump kits are available and ready to work for you.

Do you need to pump from a carboy, smaller containers, drums, totes, IBCs, etc.? FLUX® pump kits have you covered and can pump from these vessels to the next destination of your process. Customizable solutions for specific applications are available.

What can a FLUX® Pump Kit process? Check this list out:

High Viscosity Liquids: Pump gels, lotions, and pastes with the FLUX® F560 series progressive cavity pump that can handle low and high viscosity liquids with low shear. Explosion-proof and washdown duty options are available.

Unloading from Bottom Ports: Take advantage of unloading your liquids directly from totes and IBCs with a MINIFLUX® kit. Options available for hazardous locations and FDA approval with tri-clamp ports.

Acids and Alkalis Liquids: Abrasives and corrosive liquids have met their match with a FLUX® Drum pump F430PP 40/33 in polypropylene construction with Hastelloy-C shaft, commutator motor FEM4070, 500-watt, with speed control and no-volt-release, polypropylene hand nozzle, 6 ft length 3/4″ PVC hose and hose clamps, compression gland in conductive PP for 2″ bung opening. Flow rate with hose and hand nozzle approx. 10.5 GPM.

Low Volume: Have a low volume of liquid to pump? Try a JUNIORFLUX® pump kit that features a Drum pump F314 PP-25/19 in polypropylene construction, sealless, Hastelloy-C shaft, commutator motor FEM3070, 230-watt, polypropylene hand nozzle, 5 ft length of PVC hose and hose clamps. Flow rate with hose and hand nozzle approx. 4 GPM.

Highly Flammable Liquids: Pumping a flammable liquid takes manufacturing to a new level. FLUX® offers the Drum pump F424 Ex S-43/38 for applications in Zone 0, Ex-marking II 1/2 G Ex h IIB T4…T3 Ga/Gb, in stainless steel with stainless steel shaft, sealless, 6 ft grounding cable, 6 ft electrically conductive 7/8″ diameter universal hose with stainless steel swaged fittings and hand nozzle in brass, compression gland in conductive PP for 2″ bung opening. Flow rate with hose and hand nozzle approx. 13.2 GPM.

What do you want to pump through a FLUX® pump kit? FLUX complete pump kits for liquid cleaning agents excel at pumping everything from detergent, glycol, chlorine bleach, ammonia water, boric acid, etc. Reach out to a SPRINGER PUMPS® team member today to get more information or request a quote.


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