Hydra-Clean Pressure Washers in Pneumatic and Hydraulic Models

Posted on by Sara Springer

Hydra-Clean Pressure Washers Offer Reliability and Spray Down Portability

Graco Hydra-Clean Pressure WashersClean up your facility the quick, easy and efficient way with Graco Hydra-Clean pressure washers! Designed with Graco’s NXT air motor or the Viscount II hydraulic motor, it’s ideal for industrial and sanitary applications including food processing facilities, heavy duty cleaning, maintenance, shipyards, oil rigs and more.

Gas and electric can’t be used? Choose the pneumatic-driven or hydraulic-driven Hydra-Clean pressure washer for your cleaning solution!

Unlike many gas and electric pressure washers, our Hydra-Clean pressure washers are designed to operate in hazardous locations. Our industrial and sanitary pressure washers are a quick, easy and efficient method to clean your toughest environments.

Features and Benefits:

  • Efficient cleaning with hot or cold water, detergent or chemical solutions up to 200°F (93°C)
  • Supports two guns on one unit for multiple operators
  • Use with open-head universal drums
  • Durable piston pump technology will not corrode with harsh chemicals

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