Koolant Koolers® Industrial Chillers by Glen Dimplex Thermal Solutions

Posted on by Sara Springer

What is Process Cooling? How do Industrial Chillers Work?

Koolant Koolers J Series Industrial Chillers

Most processes today utilize a process fluid to cool the equipment by moving heat away from the operation. An INDUSTRIAL CHILLER is a cooling system designed to remove heat from that process fluid, transfer the heat to another medium (ambient air or water), and return cool fluid to the process to begin the cycle again.

Process Cooling Chillers vs. Air Conditioning Chillers

Industrial process chillers operate with varying temperatures, fluids and flow rates, utilizing multiple pumps and circuits. Air conditioning chillers, on the other hand, are designed to run one fluid type, at one temperature, and one flow rate.

Features of Koolant Koolers:

  • BTU Ranges from 2000 to 720,000
  • 1/8 to 300 tons fluid capacity
  • Multiple evaporator materials
  • Portable, Dedicated and Central Chiller Systems
  • Custom designed chillers
  • Over 100 years experience

Have a chiller application or need to replace an existing chiller with a newer, more efficient model?