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  1. The Accurate and Reliable Flexicon® PF7/PF7+ peristaltic filling machine by Watson Marlow®

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    Do you need an accurate and reliable benchtop filling machine that gently processes your fluids? Watson Marlow® has your solution: the PF7/PF7+ Peristaltic Filling machine.

    The Flexicon® Benchtop Filling Machine offers flexible and scalable filling capabilities and is developed for your sensitive liquids in GMP production and cleanroom environments. It also eliminates the chances of cross-contamination with fluid transferring solely through the inner bore of its single-use tubing.

    Features of the Flexicon® PF7/FP7+ Filling Machines:

    • Precision filling from micro-volumes
    • Repeatable filling accuracies of better than +/- 0.5% to prevent costly overfilling
    • No foaming, splashing or dripping between fills.
    • User-programmable recipes where users can define filling parameters.
    • Connects to a range of balances and printers for error-free calibration and batch reporting to help compliance with GMP and regulatory demands.
    • Easy-to-clean surfaces with no entrapment areas and an ergonomic design for operation on the bench or isolators and LAF units
    • Clear and intuitive color display with large keypad for easy use when gowned up in cleanroom environments.

    Need a little more from your next filling machine? The Flexicon® PF7+ also includes these features:

    • 21 CFR part 11 compliance
    • batch Reports via USB Ethernet
    • USB keyboard
    • Zero waste start-up
    • 100% in-process weight checking.
    • Dynamic recalibration
    • Color fill tolerance indicators

    The Flexicon® PF7/PF7+ Peristaltic Filling Stations also have IQ/OQ documentation available and come with 5-year warranties.

    Contact Springer Pumps® today for more information on Watson Marlow’s PF7/PF7+benchtop filling machines or the request for a quote.

    Think Pumps. Think Springer.

    Flexicon Brochure


  2. Interchangeable QP Series Circumferential Piston Pumps by Q Pumps

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    Finally, a Circumferential piston pump that’s interchangeable with other brands.

    Q Pumps® characterizes their QP Series Pumps by being universally interchangeable with any other Circumferential piston pump in the market, making them ideal for replacements in existing systems. These pumps also have 3A and EHEDG certificates, designed for hygienic operations, including the food, beverage, dairy, and pharmaceutical industries.

    Advantages of a QP Pump:

    • The gearbox is made of stainless steel, which makes it more resistant than conventional cast-iron gearboxes.
    • The oil seal is made of stainless steel, which prevents oxidation.
    • High-torque shafts made of one alloy make them more resistant.
    • Self-cleaning gaskets
    • 100% interchangeable and compatible with other series in the market
    • QP1 and QP2 models can be reconstructed using larger rotors to extend the life of the equipment.
    • Remanufacturing program*: Reconditioned pumps with a one-year warranty.

    The features of the QP Pump Series are also impressive:

    • 304 stainless steel seals
    • Helical gears
    • Flexibility for four mounting positions
    • Grease fittings on both sides
    • Antimicrobial lubricant
    • Alloy 88 rotors
    • Six threaded oil plugs with glass peepholes
    • Self-cleaning packages in the plugs.

    Additional Data:

    • Flow rates up to 312 gmp / 1,181 gpm
    • Maximum Pressure Levels of 31bar / 450psi
    • Viscosity: 1,000,000 cps
    • Highest Operational Temperatures 204ºC / 400ºF

    It’s time to get a genuinely universal QP Series Circumferential Pumps by Q Pumps®. For more information or to request a quote, contact Springer Pumps® today.

    Think Pumps. Think Springer.

    QP Series Brochure


  3. Mobile Pumping with the Super Betsy by Hidrostal

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    She means business… Wherever you need to pump liquid, the Super Betsy Mobile Pumping System by Hidrostal® is ready to move in and get to work.  

    She’s a beast. Hidrostal® designed the Super Betsy to meet the demands of extreme industrial applications, specifically suited for use in challenging operational environments. Ideal applications include construction projects, flood protection, mining, and drainage systems.  

    Super Betsy has rugged and intelligent construction. The housing’s canopy doors and roof provide easy access to all sides of the pumping system while also providing a quiet operation thanks to excellent soundproofing.  

    She also is low maintenance because Super Betsy does not clog easily. Featuring a clog-free screw centrifugal impeller with a free ball passage of 75mm-120mm, Super Betsy makes easy work of liquids containing high volumes of solids or fibrous particles.  

    Additional features of the Super Betsy Mobile Pumping Station by Hidrostal®: 

    • Uses the latest diesel engine technology (meet the global emissions regulations) 
    • Low fuel consumption 
    • Large capacity corrosion-proof tanks for extended operational times 
    • Includes the new Betsy Prime vacuum priming system, in connection with a rotary vane vacuum pump, ensuring fast, reliable priming of the pump set, even at very high suction lifts. 
    • Features intelligent control only to operate when needed. 
    • Designed with electronic and mechanical sensors within the vacuum chamber
    • monitor the prime level in the system and only activate the vacuum pump when required. When not needed, the Intelligent Control turns off the vacuum pump and seals the vacuum line, protecting the vacuum pump from contamination by carry-over of the pumped medium. 
    • This ability increases the service life, reduces maintenance costs, and saves energy. 
    • Available in a range of sizes with delivery rates from 100 to 1100 m³/h, 
    • monitoring, and control and GPS location options. 

    The Super Betsy is ready to work wherever you need her, including the most challenging applications in almost any environment. For more information or to receive a quote, contact Springer Pumps® today. 

    Think Pumps. Think Springer. 



  4. The Plant Workhorse: Whirling International’s WL Series Screw Pumps

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    Are you looking for your next workhorse pump? Whirling International has you covered with their heavy-duty WL Pump Series. Ideal for most challenging applications, the WL Series Pumps like to get dirty with Polymer feed, Adhesives, Abrasives Slurry, Fracking and Drilling, and Wastewater Treatment Processes. 

    These progressive cavity single eccentric screw pumps are modular in design, providing the luxury of 1-3 stages depending on assembly. This feature allows users to obtain pressure levels of 75psi, 150psi, or 255psi, depending on the stator and rotor length per individual pump. 

    The rotor-stator assembly forms internal sealed cavities every 180 degrees filled with the desired pumped materials. During the rotor rotation, the opposite cavities fill as the others empty in a smooth equal proportion. The Continuous operation of the equipment generates fluid displacement from the suction to the discharge. This action provides constant flow free of pulsations or positive displacement. 

    Additional features of Whirling International’s WL Series Pumps: 

    CDQ C5A 
    Grey Iron casting, 4140 internal shafts, rotor, nitrile stator. Packed pump*

    SSQ S3A
    Stainless Steel Castings and internals, nitrile stator. Packed pump*

    Special features: 

    • Carbon steel base plate 
    • Stainless Steel base plate 
    • Mechanical Seal option is available* 
    • Different grades of elastomers. Viton, EPDM, Natural Rubber, Teflon 
    • We can supply complete pumps with base, gearbox, and motor upon request 


    Contact Springer Pumps® today for more information on Whirling International’s WL Series Pumps. 

    Think Pumps. Think Springer. 


  5. Eliminate Yeast Handling Challenges in Your Brewing Process with Certa 200 Series Sine Pumps

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    Choosing the right pump for your brewing process is critical to the success of your end product. You must select a piece of equipment that is powerful enough to control the yeast from start to finish but sophisticated enough not to ruin your beer during manufacturing. The answer: Certa 200 Series Sine Pumps.

    The Certa 200 Series Sine Pump can replace rotary lobe pumps often used in beer production. They are excellent at eliminating gassing issues and boosting pump efficiency.

    Do you want to recover your yeast once your fermentation process is complete? Certa Sine Pumps are robust, quickly sucking compacted yeast from the bottom of tanks for reuse while providing a virtually pulse-free operation. This smooth pumping action prevents the yeast from remixing with the beer, maintaining clarity to quickly identify when the yeast has been removed and preventing product waste.

    This pump is low shearing, preventing low-quality beer and high yeast consumption.

    Eliminate Gas Locking with the high suction capabilities and high flow rate of Certa 200 Series Sine Pumps.

    Another added advantage is the ease of cleaning these pumps thanks to their simple construction. Users also experienced CIP cycles and water/cleaning agents.

    Additional features of Certa’s 200 Series Sine Pumps:


    • EHEDG Type EL – Class I
    • Now with EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I
    • All contact parts FDA and EG1935 compliant


    • Smooth product flow, no need for ancillary dampeners
    • Up to 255,000 L/h, 8 million cP, and 15 bar


    • Prevents aeration foaming
    • Virtually eliminates waste of raw ingredients


    • Reduced CIP cycle and reduced cleaning agents
    • Significantly reduced electricity consumption, reduced carbon footprint


    • Up to 50 % less power consumption than lobe or circumferential pumps
    • Higher energy efficiency at higher viscosities


    • Gentle product handling preserves the high quality of the product – superior viscous handling
    • EHEDG Type EL Class I – now also with EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I
    • Impressive suction capability: -12.3 psi (atm)
    • Low shear and virtually no pulsation
    • Outstanding energy-efficient pumping principle – up to 50 % less power than other pumps
    • Only one shaft and one seal system – different port orientations available
    • Bi-directional running
    • Two-year warranty

    For more information or to receive a quote, contact SPRINGER PUMPS®.



  6. A Solution for Papermaking with Bleach: Liquiflo’s Poly-Guard PFA Lined Pump

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    Reduce bleach’s corrosive impact on your papermaking equipment with Liquiflo’s Poly-Guard PFA Lined Pump. 

    Bleach, like many chemicals, requires specialized equipment to process it. While sodium hypochlorite is excellent at whitening and disinfecting, it also will react badly with many materials. This forces manufacturers to seek long-lasting, durable solutions that can handle steady flows of raw materials filled with bleach around the clock.  

    Liquiflo, a long-time supplier of chemical processing pumps, has created a strong, chemically resistant solution: the Poly-Guard PFA Lined Pump. Ideal for handling any hypochlorite, this nonmetallic gear pump’s lining (PFA) is chemically resistant and does not corrode like competitors’ metal options. This feature eliminates potential housing leakage on the pump, a frequent challenge in the papermaking industry. The lining is also void of carbon fillers, a common ingredient incompatible with bleach or similar fluids. 

    Additional features of Liquiflo’s Poly-Guard PFA Lined Pumps: 

    • Can handle 1.4 to 25 GPM 
    • Stainless steel body for safe, strong exterior 
    • Nonmetallic internal components 
    • Sealless Mag-Drive configuration 
    • Nearly pulseless flow (ideal for metering applications) 
    • Nine sizes available 

    Typical Chemical applications: Hydrochloric Acid, Ferric Chloride, Sulfuric Acid, Hydrofluoric Acid, Sodium hypochlorite, Nitric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Chromic Acid, Fluorosilicic Acid, Hydrogen Bromide, Bromine. 

    The Poly-Guard PFA Pump is ruggedly constructed, ideal for rough, dirty, dangerous, corrosive environments, including water treatment facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturing, electronics, food, beverage, and high Purity applications. 

    Contact SPRINGER PUMPS® today for more information or a quote for Liquiflo’s Poly-Guard Lined Pumps. 

    Think Pumps. Think Springer. 


  7. GRACO’s Quantm Electric Pump: A Game Changer for Hygienic Applications

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    Graco’s Quantm™ electric pump is an ideal solution for hygienic applications. Its performance is superior to most competitors’ products, is easy to operate, uses up to 80% less energy consumption, is quiet, lightweight, reliable, has remote operation options available, and is drop-in ready.

    The Quantm™ pump provides all the features and benefits of air-operated pumps in an efficient, sustainable package!

    Features of the Quantm™ Electric Motor for your hygienic application include:

    • Motor-Driven eliminates compressed air use)
    • Self-Priming
    • Dry-Priming
    • Stalls against closed or blocked discharge (without Bypass or Pressure Relief Valve)
    • Seal-less (no seals to leak and replace)
    • Low shear (won’t turn cream into butter)
    • Handles abrasives
    • Handles solids
    • Integral Controls (separate VFD not required)

    The Quantm™ electric pump replaces existing pumps, including the following:

    Replaces Lobe Pumps


    • performance-reducing rotor wear
    • COP lobe and seal damage
    • Expensive Lobe and Seal replacement
    • Housing re-machining and oversized rotors
    • Downtime

    Replaces Centrifugal pumps

    • Eliminates Seals
      • Safer, cleaner workplace
      • Expensive Impeller and Seal replacement
      • Downtime
    • Pumps delicate products without damage

    Replaces Progressive Cavity pumps

    • Eliminates Rotor, Stator, and Seal damage caused by
      • Dry-Priming
      • Dry-Running

    Replaces Air operated pumps

    • Eliminates expensive air consumption!
    • Smooth consistent flow
    • Improved diaphragm life (eliminates ‘runaway’ condition that puts needless wear on diaphragms)

    Replaces other PD pumps

    • Seal-less for leak-free performance
    • Self-Priming / Dry-Priming
    • Dry-Running
    • Pumps abrasive slurries – No close-fitting, sliding or rotating elements!
    • Pumps shear sensitive products – low shear!

    Trial Pumps available – Contact us Today!

    You can test Graco’s Quantm™ in your facility and see the difference for yourself. Reach out to SPRINGER PUMPS today for more information or to receive a quote about these game-changer pumps.

    Think Pumps. Think SPRINGER.



  8. Industrial Quantm™ Electric Pumps by Graco: A Massive Leap Forward for Your Facility

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    Graco’s Quantm™ electric pump is a game changer for your facility. Its performance is superior to most competitors’ products, uses up to 80% less energy consumption, runs without compressed air, won’t freeze, is available in 1”, 1.5”, or 2” models with remote operation options, and is drop-in ready. You need this pump for a smooth 2023 operation.

    Features of the Quantm™ Electric Motor for Industrial applications include:

    • Pumps abrasive slurries – No close-fitting, sliding, or rotating elements!
    • Pumps shear sensitive products – low shear!
    • Available with Teflon™ wetted elements for ‘universal’ chemical compatibility!
    • Hazardous Location models are available!
    • It helps meet your ESG Goals!
    • Sealless, leak-free performance: Self-Priming / Dry-Priming, Dry-Running

    The Quantm™ pumps are also ideal replacements for the following pumps:

    Replaces Gear pumps

    • Excellent for paint, inks, abrasive slurries
    • Runs dry without damage

    Replaces Progressive Cavity pumps

    • Eliminates Rotor and Stator damage caused by
      • Dry-Priming
      • Dry-Running

    Replaces air-operated pumps

    • Eliminates air consumption
    • Smooth, consistent flow
    • Improved diaphragm life (eliminates ‘runaway’ condition)

    Trial Pumps available – Contact us today!

    You can test Graco’s Quantm™ in your facility and see the difference for yourself. Reach out to SPRINGER PUMPS® today for more information or to receive a quote about these game-changer pumps.

    Think Pumps. Think Springer.




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    Do you want to get more productivity from your AODD Pump? Read this article by Tim Caldwell of Sandpiper Pumps to learn more about 3 accessories that will immediately improve your AODD’s efficiency. 

    As a plant maintenance manager, you understand the importance of keeping all systems and machinery running smoothly, and in turn, keeping production stoppage as low as possible. Downtime is not an option, as it leads to lost revenue.

    While air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps are known for reliability and versatility, there are ways to make them perform even better.

    In this blog, we’ll discuss the three must-have AODD accessories that will improve performance and extend the life of your pumps.


    What Are They?

    Pulsation Dampeners (surge suppressors) are easily installed tools to help deliver virtually pulsation-free flows and steady liquid pressures.

    How Do They Work?

    All AODD pumps create pulsations of product fluid as they operate. This is due to the column of fluid traveling with each stroke of the pump. A pulsation dampener uses a flexible diaphragm to separate a liquid chamber from a compressed air chamber.

    As the product fluid pulse enters the dampener’s liquid chamber, it displaces the diaphragm upward into the compressed air chamber. The displacement of the diaphragm absorbs the surge and fills the pressure void and effectively dampens the fluid pulsation.

    Why Are They Important?

    Pulsation dampeners give you a more smooth, consistent flow so you don’t have pressure variation. Consistent pressure and flow downstream will help instrumentation such as flow meter read more accurately.

    Because monitoring pump efficiency is critical in a production facility, you want to make sure you’re protecting those tools. Pulsation dampeners protect downstream equipment from damage caused by pressure spikes. If you use pulsation dampeners on the suction side of the pump, it will make the flow into the pump more consistent and smooth, helping control water hammer and extending your diaphragm life.


    What Are They?

    Filter regulators play a crucial role in the performance of AODD pumps. They prevent wet, dirty and often unregulated air from entering the pump. The combination of dirty and unregulated air can damage and/or shorten the life of downstream equipment, such as AODD pumps.

    How Do They Work?

    Filter regulators protect the air valve of the pump by removing solids and liquid contaminants from the air lines while providing additional precise pump control.

    Why Are They Important?

    Filter regulators are essential in ensuring clean, dry air is powering the pump. With both O-ring seals on the pilot valve assembly and energy-efficient, tight tolerances on the main air valve, it’s important to keep the compressed air dry and debris-free.

    Clean, dry air is critical. Clean air helps the valve components last longer, and dry air helps the pump to not experience icing on the muffler. When outside air is drawn into the compressor, it naturally contains moisture that can freeze when compressed air rapidly expands inside the pump. The resulting ice can cause the pump to stall. Filter regulators protect the air valve of the pump by removing solids and liquid contaminants from the air lines while providing additional precise pump control.

    Additionally, an air filter regulator can also help you start the pump in a gradual “soft” manner, which creates less stress on the pump’s components, such as diaphragms, diaphragm plates and the main diaphragm shaft.


    What Are They?

    Liquid level controllers are just that—devices used to monitor the level of liquid and ensure that the liquid is maintained at the desired level. Liquid level controllers are useful in sump, dewatering, fluid transfer or tank-filling applications.

    How Do They Work?

    Liquid level controllers operate entirely by mechanical and pneumatic means. A float-operated air pilot valve controls the opening and closing of an air valve. It admits or exhausts air through a special regulator to turn an air-operated pump on or off.

    Why Are They Important?

    Liquid level controllers enhance AODD pump performance by automatically opening and closing the pump’s air supply. Completely air-driven (i.e., pneumatic) and ATEX-approved for simple, safe pump control, liquid level controllers protect AODD pumps from inefficient dry running conditions. They automatically turn pumps on and off for intermittent applications.


    When it comes to optimizing pump and system performance to increase efficiency and provide additional protection of your critical equipment, SANDPIPER has you covered. Our pulsation dampeners, filter regulators, liquid level controllers and other accessories are tested and approved control components, which when used with your SANDPIPER pump, can improve your system performance and extend the life of your pump.

    Please contact SPRINGER PUMPS for additional information on Sandpiper’s accessories or to request a quote.

    Author: Tim Caldwell on Dec 8, 2020, Sandpiper Pumps.

    Think Pumps. Think Springer.


  10. A Flow Meter for Sulfuric Acid: TIN Series Paddle Wheel Flow Meter

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    You need a flow meter that can handle and measure the sulfuric acid your mining business uses during the solvent extraction electrowinning leaching process. It needs to be reliable and exact in its measurements. It’s time to consider the TIN Series Paddle Wheel Flow Meter, an instant solution to inaccurate failure-prone flow meters.

    What makes the TIN Series Paddle Flow Meter a superior product to its competitors? You can rely on its ability to function under extreme conditions for long periods of time, backed by a lifetime warranty on its paddle wheel assembly. These meters are highly accurate, chemically compatible, and run on a battery, eliminating the need for a power source.

    Interested? Here are additional features of the TIN Series Paddle Wheel Flow Meter:

    • Bright LCD Screen showing both flow rate and total flow
    • Thermoplastic body options in PVC, PP, or PVDF
    • Battery Operated
    • ETFE Tefzel Superhydrophobic Paddle
    • Zirconium Ceramic Rotor Pin/Bushings
    • Contoured Paddle Design for Less Drag
    • Affordably Priced

    If you would like more information on this or related products, reach out to SPRINGER PARTS® today.

    Think Flow Meters. Think Springer.