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The FLUX RFM/RFML Diaphragm Pump: Versatile for Almost Any Application

Posted on by Sara Springer

The versatility of FLUX’s air-operated diaphragm pump lends itself to almost any application, making it ideal for multiple industries. If you make it, FLUX® can process it through its pumps. 

How high or low is the viscosity of your material? Either way, the RFM or RFML Flux pump can handle it. Are you afraid of running your pump dry? That’s alright, the RFM/RFML FLUX pump self-primes and protects itself from dry running. Are you worried about your material being too abrasive? Not with these pumps. They shine in the face of caustic materials, with options available to handle solid particles, harsh chemicals, highly flammable media, or liquids containing high gas content. With 4 sizes to choose from (3/8”, ½”, 1”, 1 1/2”, borehole/intake?), FLUX® Pumps has your application covered. 

Some additional features of this versatile RFM/RFML Pump by FLUX®: 

  • Massive construction 
  • Almost completely diffusion resistant due to the thick-surface structure 
  • Long service life even at high pressures due to the composite enduring diaphragm 
  • versions available with flap valves 
  • Extremely long service life even with abrasive media 
  • Quiet/low noise 
  • Composite enduring diaphragm with an integrated metallic core 
  • Easily accessible control valve without seals 
  • Safe dry-running and overload-proof 
  • Self-priming 
  • Insensitive to solids in suspension 
  • Variable delivery rates by simply adjusting the air pressure 
  • Very high chemical resistance 
  • Suitable for high temperature 
  • Long service life of diaphragm due to short stroke lifts 
  • Versions for use in hazardous areas are available 
  • FDA-certified version available 

FLUX packed these pumps with everything your manufacturing process needs including all threaded process connections, polypropylene or PTFE availability and options for conductive or non-conductive features; making it a wise investment for your business. 

To receive a FLUX® Pump quote or more information about FLUX® products, please contact SPRINGER PUMPS®. 

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