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Easy Maintenance for Clumping & Clogging: Sandpiper AODD Starch Return Case Study

Posted on by Sara Springer

The paper industry can now avoid the challenges of clogged pumps from pulp heavy fluids with an AODD Pump from Sandpiper® Pumps. Thanks to their durability and Externally Serviceable Air Distribution System (ESADS+Plus), users can easily clean their Standard Duty Ball Valve Pump in place.

Click on the links below to read about a case study featuring a packaging plant and Sandpiper’s HD20F 2″ Non-metallic Heavy Duty Flap Ball Pump.

Sandpiper Starch Return Case-Study

Sandpiper 2″ Non-Metallic Flap Valve Pump Brochure

We also have included our article on Sandpiper’s ESADS+Plus for a more in depth look at this innovative feature.

Sandpiper’s ESADS+Plus

Sandpiper’s AODD Pumps are hard working and made for the paper industry and applications that involve heavy solids with potential for clogging. For more information or to receive a quote, contact SPRINGER PUMPS.