SANDPIPER PUMPS: ESADS Air Distribution System

Posted on by Sara Springer

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Sandpiper Pump Esads+plus Air Distribution System


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One of the most prominent features of any SANDPIPER pump is the exclusive ESADS+Plus Air Distribution System that allows for quick remote site serviceability. Independent of the pilot valve position, the cross-drilled pressure ports in the main directional air valve spool provide a pneumatic bias of the spool at either end of travel. This is accomplished by directing (inner) chamber pressure to the end of the spool, boosting and sustaining pilot pressure until point-of-shift of the pilot valve.  The benefit of this is that it eliminates spool from drifting due to vibration and/or unbalanced pressure or system conditions.

Primary system components = main directional air valve (with PATENTED cross-drilled pressure ports) & pilot valve


Remote Site Serviceability – IN-LINE!Sandpiper Esads Easy Maintenence

With simple removal of only FOUR bolts on the outside of the ESADS Air Distribution System, you can slide off the air valve, and pilot valve components to have quick access to the PATENTED, cross-drilled pilot shuttle that contains the two o-rings that are the most common part to fail on ANY AODD pump.  With ESADS, this process can be done in-line and takes around 5 minutes to complete, versus any competitor AODD pump that will have to be removed from the line of service and dismantled completely in order to reach the same two o-rings, this process taking up to an hour.

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