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Sandpiper Signature Series AODD Pumps ~ Our Signature Ensures Your Success

Posted on by Sara Springer

Signature Series LOGOWarren Rupp’s Sandpiper Signature Series AODD Pumps include the Heavy Duty Flap (HDF), Heavy Duty Ball (HDB), and Containment Duty (CD) Pumps. These pumps occupy a unique niche in the Aid Operated Double Diaphragm Pump market. They are able to handle large solids and stand up to the abuses seen in harsh environments like mining and construction industries. The addition of the new Non-Metallic Heavy Duty Flap Valve Pumps makes this line even more versatile.



  • Flap Valves Handle Larger Solids than Ball Valves
  • Heavy Duty Construction for the Harshest Conditions
  • Lightweight, Non-Metallic Flap Valve Models for Portability
  • Containment Duty Pumps Offer Increased Safety and Protect Against Product Loss
  • More…Sandpiper Signature Series