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New Sandpiper Air Filter / Regulators from Warren Rupp

Posted on by Sara Springer

Redesigned & Improved Sandpiper Air Filter/RegulatorsSandpiper Air Filter Regulator

This new product line combines air filters and regulators into one easy to install part specifically designed for AODD pumps. The filter component removes solid and liquid contaminants from compressed air lines. The regulator allows for precise control of air flow to regulate pump speed.  Air Filter/Regulators greatly increase pump life while reducing downtime & operating costs.

Sandpiper Air Filter/Regulator Features:

  • Polyurethane bowls for chemical resistance
  • Durable liquid filled gauges
  • Integral mounting slots (no brackets)
  • Automatic condensation drains

Download the Sandpiper Air Filters & Regulators Flyer (pdf)

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(For model numbers and general specifications view the Flyer above)