MasoSine Process Pumps: Food Pumping Perfected

Posted on by Sara Springer

MasoSine Food Process Pump Series: The Pumps of Choice for the Food IndustryMasoSine Perfect Food Pump1

MasoSine offers the perfect food and beverage pump to increase performance and minimize cost. These lines include the MasoSine SPS and EcoSine Series. The lower shear, gentle pumping action of the sinusoidal rotor design means safe transfers of delicate food. These lines of pumps can provide flow rates up to 590 GPM (at 90 PSI) and handle pressures up to 217 PSI (at 434 GPM) with no risk to product integrity. Concentrated and viscous products of up to 8 million centipose (cP) is also possible, with no product damage. In addition, maintenance and wear replacement is quick and easy.


  • SPS Series: Nearly Pulsation Free, Flow Rate Ranges Available Up To 434 GPM & Pressures Up To 217 PSI, Stainless Steel Housing, Easy In-Place Cleaning & Maintenance, Interchangeable Parts & More
  • EcoSine Series: Ultra Shear Transfer & Gentle Handling of Whole Foods, Superior Viscous Handling from 1 cP to 8 Million cP without Pump Modification, CIP/SIP Capable, FDA, 3A, & EHEDG Compliance
  • MasoSine Process Pumps Safely Handle Products Ranging from Meat & Poultry, Salads & Vegetables, Sensitive Dairy Products, Confectionery, Beverages  and a Wide Range Of Acidic and High Viscosity Liquids
  • Options and Accessories Available in Different Flush Systems Options, Temperature Jacketing Systems, Port Orientations, and Connection Port Options: Tri-clamp/Bevel Seat (Standard) DIN/ SMS/ ANSI 150 # RF (Customized)MasoSine Perfect Food Pump 2

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