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High Yield, Reliable Poultry Processing: Think MasoSine MR 160

Posted on by Sara Springer

MasoSine MR 160 Process Pumps: Delivering Reliable, Constant Feed while Avoiding Product Damage

Masosine Poultry PumpAs a medium duty sanitary pump, the MR 160 is capable of flow rates up to 20,000 lbs per hour when pumping marinated poultry meat. This pump features stainless steel power frames, 3A baseplates, along with NEMa 4X-rated VFDs.


Tag Archive: MasoSine MR

MasoSine Process Pumps: Food Pumping Perfected

Posted on by Sara Springer

MasoSine Food Process Pump Series: The Pumps of Choice for the Food IndustryMasoSine Perfect Food Pump1

MasoSine offers the perfect food and beverage pump to increase performance and minimize cost. These lines include the MasoSine SPS and EcoSine Series. The lower shear, gentle pumping action of the sinusoidal rotor design means safe transfers of delicate food. These lines of pumps can provide flow rates up to 590 GPM (at 90 PSI) and handle pressures up to 217 PSI (at 434 GPM) with no risk to product integrity. Concentrated and viscous products of up to 8 million centipose (cP) is also possible, with no product damage. In addition, maintenance and wear replacement is quick and easy.

Tag Archive: MasoSine MR

MasoSine Sweet Pump Solutions for Confectionery & Chocolate Production

Posted on by Sara Springer

MasoSine Certa and SPS Pump Series for Confectionery: High Reliability & Low Product Damage

For sweet solutions to chocolate and confectionery production look to the MasoSine Certa and SPS positive displacement pump series. These pumps offer hygienic application, high reliability and lowMasoSine Confectionery Application product damage overcoming common challenges associated with confectionery production.  The single sinusoidal rotor design means low propulsion, while the large pumping chambers promote product integrity. The Certa pump series offers a solution to reducing product damage while offering easy maintenance and cleanability. The SPS 2 sanitary/industrial pump series is capable of  addressing the tough demands of highly viscous liquids such as caramel, gelatin and glucose.

Features and Benefits:

  • Certa Series Offers Flow Rates up to 434 GPM & Pressures to 217 PSI, SPS Series Offers Flow Rates up to 434 GPM & Pressures to 145 PSI
  • Certa Offers: Designed for CIP from the Ground Up, Simple Maintenance with no Liners,
  • SPS Offers: Easy Cleaning, Easy Maintenance, Interchangeable Parts, Liner Options Available to Promote a Wide Range of Application
  • Constructed in 316 SS, Design Conforms to USDA & 3A Standards, Sinusoidal Rotar Design Produces Powerful Suction With Low Shear, Low Pulsations and Product Integrity