Chemical & Hazardous Material Storage Webinar from EASTERN reliability

Posted on by Sara Springer

Eastern Reliability provides engineering support for chemical and industrial tanks and hazardous material storage by providing a comprehensive equipment solution.

For many applications, a stand-alone tank is the best solution. For other applications, the solution may require process mixing, instrumentation, or specialty process or metering pumps. For every application, there is the correct tank that provides the best solution accounting for all the technical and engineering economics principals.

Assmann Tanks offer excellent chemical and industrial tank solutions for a variety of applications. This webinar will focus on the most cost-effective solutions which comply with local, state, and federal regulations.

Thursday, March 26 ~ 2:00 – 2:30 PM EDT

Webinar Agenda:Eastern Reliability

  • Definition of Chemicals for purposes of Storage; NFPA Regulations.
  • What fluids can and cannot be stored in Polyethylene and FRP tanks?
  • What criteria are used for determining whether to use polyethylene, FRP, steel or high alloy tank?
  • What are the specific criteria included in the laws of each state?
  • Vertical Tanks: Single Wall, Double Wall, Conical and Horizontal tanks.
  • Tank options such as fittings, instrumentation, process mixers, and pumps technologies.

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