UET Mixers for New Applications & Retrofits

Posted on by Sara Springer

UET Mixers specializes in engineered solutions to your mixing needs. Established in 1989, they offer a full line of high quality mixing products for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food, mineral, and water treatment industries. Their core competency is their engineering expertise and outstanding ability to solve any mixing problem.

They provide a rapid response to customer inquiries with an engineered solution to your mixing problem and prompt delivery. UET also serves its markets with retrofits and upgrades to all types of existing mixers. They offer the highest quality components and equipment in the industry.

UET Mixers offers custom mixer designs to meet virtually all customer conditions and requirements.UET XCEL 2 Series Mixer

Springer Pumps and UET will work together to completely analyze conditions and select the correct components and documentation.


How to Specify An EXCEL-FLO Mixer

  • Gearboxes: Helical, Bevel, Worm with oversized bearings
    • Options: Drywell, Stainless Steel, Independent
    • Bearing Support
  • Motors: TEFC, Explosion Proof, Air, Washdown, Premium Efficient, Chem duty
    • Options: Stainless Steel, Variable Speed
  • Mounts: Baseplate, Flange
    • Options: Ferrule
  • Seats: Stuffing Box, Mechanical Seal
    • Options: Magnetic Coupling
  • Shafts: Solid Bar
    • Options: Flanged Couplings, Pipe, Steady Bearings
  • Impellers: Hydrofoil, 45°, Radial, Propeller, lntermig, Anchor, Ribbon, MB/A
    • Options: Split Hubs, Stabilizers
  • Configuration: Top Mount, Side Mount
    • Options: Angle Mount, Bottom Mount
  • Wetted Parts: Steel, 304 SS, 316 SS
    • Options: Hastelloy C, Titanium, Rubber Covered, FRP Covered, PTFE Coated, No. 4 Polish, Electropolish
  • Documentation: IOM Manuals
    • Options: Xrays, PMls, WPS/PQRs, MTRs, Hydrotest
  • Warranties: 12 Months from start-up, 18 months from shipment
    • Options: Extended warranties