Certa COP Options from MasoSine

Posted on by Sara Springer

Certa Pumps were designed for CIP (Clean-In-Place) operations, yet their design works so well for difficult transfer applications that many are being used in COP (Cleaning Out of Place) systems. However, using a Certa pump in COP applications can cause problems due to the design.

Seals can be dropped and break. The special tool for removing the locking screw can slip out of the screw quickly wearing down the surfaces and “stripping” the screw or tool. The nuts for the front housing cover take time to remove, especially when breaking the pump down multiple times a day.

Certa COP Options

In order to improve performance and reduce downtime for cleaning and maintenance in this area, MasoSine is offering several optional components for easier disassembly/assembly.


  • Clean Out of Place, COP, options to enable manual cleaning with your Certa Pump
  • Simplified pump design perfect for frequent disassembly and assembly
  • Retain all the benefits of Certa such as gentle product handling, ease of maintenance, high suction capability, and flexibility

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