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The Sterile World of Biomist’s Non-Flammable Vapor Technologies

Posted on by Andrew Springer

Do you like your pathogens dead? We do too. Thanks to the pandemic, everyone is focused on public hygiene, and sterile environments are in demand.   It’s not enough to wipe a surface clean anymore; we need to know the cracks and crevices of our lives are germ-free.  Enter Biomist, the innovator of non-flammable alcohol vapor […]

Biomist D2 Real World Application in Shell Egg Facility

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Biomist Effectively Kills Germs in Large and Small Areas. Biomist’s D2 Sanitizing Formula was put to the test against Salmonella on egg processing equipment. The standard method for cleaning the packer brushes in shell egg processing plants is to rinse thoroughly with water. When compared to using Biomist, which takes less time and is easier to apply, the usual method is proven ineffective. The test results show that in most cases Biomist can completely eliminate Salmonella and other bacteria in 5 mins, and over 24 hours will completely eliminate germs. Put side by side, Biomist is the clear winner.

NEW: The Affordable Biomist Mini Sanitizing System

Posted on by R Andrew Springer

Now available in a more compact, portable size truely anyone can operate the Biomist Mini. It is more affordable, compact and does not require electricity to operate. The Biomist Mini uses the same D2 Biomist Formula as the full sized unit. Simply screw the D2 bottle onto the applicator gun and start killing germs!