The Sterile World of Biomist’s Non-Flammable Vapor Technologies

Posted on by Sara Springer

Do you like your pathogens dead? We do too. Thanks to the pandemic, everyone is focused on public hygiene, and sterile environments are in demand.   It’s not enough to wipe a surface clean anymore; we need to know the cracks and crevices of our lives are germ-free.  Enter Biomist, the innovator of non-flammable alcohol vapor technology that allows users to sterilize their lives in one spray and walk away.  That’s it.

Never suffer the pain and fear of an uncontrolled pathogen lurking in your place of business ever again, including COVID-19.  Thanks to Biomist’s unique atomizing concentrated alcohol, any user can safely spray infected surfaces and move on to the next area.  For the first time, we’ve found a one-step cleaning process. The alcohol-based vapor used is non-flammable, anti-microbial, and safely penetrates materials to kill everything.

Businesses no longer must pay cleaning companies to come in and perform specialty services to remove uncontrolled pathogens.  Toxic chemicals are no longer needed to sterilize an area.  Thanks to Biomist, cleaning can be executed by anyone safely at a cost-effective price point.

The best part about Biomist’s products is the cross-application to any industry.  Biomist eliminates food-borne illness, stops the contraction of healthcare-acquired infections, keeps common areas happy and healthy with every doorknob and light switch in an assisted living facility truly clean.

We like knowing our clients and communities now can take back control of their environments, making it a safe place for us all to live and thrive.  Finally, a product can restore the public’s confidence in a sterile place to work, play, and thrive.

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