Nomad Applies Tech Solution to Pump Maintenance Using QR Codes

Posted on by Sara Springer

Maintenance departments are thanking JDA GLOBAL for the latest improvement to their Industrial Pump product lines: QR Codes.

Now available since June 1, 2020, each NOMAD pump comes with an attached ID tag that gives users all the information about their equipment, including a QR code.  What content does that QR code open?  The operation manual.  Thanks to technology and the quick thinking of JDA, anyone with a phone can quickly find the solution to repairing their machinery.   Users will be able to view dimensions, curves, expanded views of the item, etc.

This simple solution by NOMAD is priceless when it comes to time and money.  JDA has given itself yet another competitive advantage by eliminating the aggravation of locating paper copies of manuals.  The added support empowers clients to address problems in real-time and quicken the repair process.

The accessibility of operation manuals has been drastically improved with the application of the QR code.  Thanks, JDA GLOBAL.

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